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Crochet World June 2022

Crochet World June 2022

Relax in style this summer! This issue of Crochet World is jam-packed with beautiful projects designed to create a relaxing retreat in your home. Whether you're creating the perfect waterfront hideaway or just cozying up with a blanket, this issue has the patterns you need to keep your hooks busy all summer.

  • Summer slumbers! Blankets may not be the most common summer projects, but the beauties in this issue will have you excited to stitch the unique styles. Give a bedroom a summer makeover or have a handy layer for chilly air conditioning.
  • Light summer lace! Add color and style to your decor with a collection of thread projects. Mimic the summer's setting sun or add textural elegance to your tabletop with any of the 4 thread designs in this issue.
  • When the weather turns too hot or the rain is keeping you in, we have a couple of fun projects to keep you entertained inside. Play Nautical Spoons with your family and friends or toss around a playful disk to pass the time.

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