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The Ultimate Winter Weather Accessory!

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what accessories to wear with your coat because winter weather can be very unpredictable. Some days you only need a scarf. Other days, you need a scarf and hat to fight winter's chill. And on most days, you need a hat, scarf and mittens in the morning, but as temperatures rise by midday, you just need a cozy scarf to be comfortable. With the Hooded Pocket Scarves pattern you have the perfect single accessory that does the job of three separate crochet designs to cover your head, neck and hands!

Impressive Year-Round Home Decor in a Christmas Crochet Book! Impressive Year-Round Home Decor in a Christmas Crochet Book!

This pattern collection includes six unique hooded pocket scarves which produce a wide range of different, fashionable styles. And the best feature of these scarves is that you can pull up the hood and tuck your hands inside the pockets to be warm and cozy on an as-needed basis throughout the day! We think wearing one of these hooded pocket scarves is such a time saver too (wink, wink) because when you leave the house on a cold winter morning, you just need to grab your hooded pocket scarf ... and don't have to hunt for a matching hat and pair of mittens!