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  • A Peek Inside: Crochet World Winter 2023

    I hear folks are starting to see it pop up in their subscriptions. So let’s take a quick look inside: Crochet World Winter 2023 ! This issue is PACKED with goodies!! We have filled the pages with holiday themed projects, great gift-giving projects and wonderful warm and cozy wearables. Our standard up front sections feature…

  • Annie’s Signature Designs Fall Collection 2023

    Just giving you all a quick preview and heads up that loads of crochet and knit patterns from Annie’s Signature Designs is going live tomorrow. Click here to get the patterns! Amazing wearables…. And lovely home decor… —Britt Schmiesing, editor

  • New Crochet Book: Mitan & Moni by Jenny Levallius

    Much of the time the crochet books we share on this blog or in the magazine are all about how to make a particular item and are full of patterns and how-to information. There aren’t many that come across our desks that tell a story about crochet in the past and about those who have…

  • 5 Super Fun Crochet Tools & Ideas

    Let’s take a trip around the good ‘ol interweb and check out some super cool crochet ideas. —Britt Schmiesing, editor

  • 5 Great Crochet Tips & Tricks

    Today I am going to take you on a little trip around the internet to check out some super amazing crochet tips & tricks. Several of these blew my mind when I came across them and made me wish I had found them sooner and so I thought you all would enjoy them too! And…