New Patterns That Have Made Their Way Onto Our Must-Make List

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Hello everyone! Tara here—

If you’re looking for new projects to make this year, here are a few patterns that have made it on to our must-make list:

# 1: A Modern Geometric Blanket

Orange and Black Geometric Blanket

Modern Geometric Blanket Designed By Rohn Strong

Geometric designs are coming back into style and this one is one of our favorites!

# 2: The Zahira Crochet Wrap

Patterned Wrap Extra Large Scarf

Zahira Crochet Wrap Designed By Melissa Leapman

Wear this wrap as an extra-large scarf on cold winter days, or use it as a shawl with a dress when the weather gets warmer.

# 3: Inishmore Wrap

Cream Colored Cable Wrap

Inishmore Wrap Designed By Kathleen Berlew

This wrap has gorgeous cables that we’re dying to get our hands on.

# 4: Tunisian Cabled Throw

Green Tunisian Cabled Throw

Tunisian Cabled Throw Designed By Sandy Walker

Tunisian crochet is gaining in popularity and this throw is a great project to learn Tunisian cables with.

# 5: Honeycomb Bobbles Blanket

Honeycomb Rainbow Bobbles Blanket

Honeycomb Bobbles Blanket Designed By Adrienne Bingham

This blanket is bright and fun (and perfect for those joining the #noshadesofgrey challenge).

# 6: Cuddles Caring Bear Backpack

Cute Bear Backpack

Cuddles Caring Bear Backpack Designed By Ira Rott

Have you ever seen a cuter crochet backpack? Of course this one made it on to this list!


Let us know how what projects you’re working on in the comment section!

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

Need more inspiration? Check out the other new crochet patterns on Annie’s Craft Store for more incredible crochet patterns! 

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Learn a Stitch: Slip Stitch Crochet

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In the February issue of Crochet World, we feature the Rib Stitch Cap & Mittens pattern by Nancy Nehring. It uses the second most basic crochet stitch (I would say the chain stitch is the most basic stitch): the slip stitch. Slip stitch crochet is actually a whole style or form of crochet. You can make countless projects just using this simple stitch in a couple of ways.


Let’s sum up some of features of one of the earliest forms of crochet:

-It is typically worked through one loop only.

-Slip stitch in the back loop only produces horizontal bars on the front of the fabric and the fabric lies flat.

-Slip stitch in the front loop only produces vertical bars on the front of the fabric and tends to curl towards the front of the fabric.

-Slip stitch crochet worked in rows creates a stretchy fabric, think ribbing.

-Slip stitch crochet worked in the round in a spiral (or continuous round) produces vertical stitching that is about a 1/2 stitch off from the previous round’s stitch. As you work the start of your round will continue to shift to the right for right-handers and to the left for left-handers. So you need to mark the actual start of the round and when you complete you tube or spiral project lay the piece flat and align the starting marker along the side to find the true end of your work and keep the start and finish aligned.

-Slip stitch crochet can be used to create 3 types of fabric: brocade, jacquard and ribbing.  Ribbing is the simplest and is what you find in the hat pattern from the issue as well as the cuff of the mittens. It’s very stretchy and has a knit-like appearance.


Brocade patterns move from working in the front loops to the back loops to produce            pattern fabrics.

Jacquard uses one stitch throughout, either front loop slip stitch or back loop slip stitch, but alternates colors to produce colorwork patterning.

-Slip stitch crochet produces very short row heights so it can take quite sometime to finish a project that uses slip stitch crochet, so patience becomes a key. But these dense stretchy fabrics are just perfect for wintertime accessories.

Now it’s time for you to take a bit of a crochet adventure around the internet to learn more about slip stitch crochet and to find some fun patterns. Click the links below to discover more!

Learn more about crochet history and this style of crochet from Little John’s Yarn and Julia from Little World of Whimsy. You’ll find them interesting and entertaining.

Get Nancy Nehring’s book Learn Slip Stitch Crochet.

Having trouble finding patterns? Try using “knit-look” in your search as well as “slip stitch crochet”.

Once you have mastered this style, take it one step further with Bosnian Crochet! The results are just amazing and it is still just working slip stitches strategically (for the most part).


The Ivy Neck Warmer by @LyudmilaHefny is a great Bosnian Crochet starter projects. There are photos to help you work through it and Lyudmila also has video tutorials online!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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Creating A Crochet Bucket List & The Things You Need To Keep In Mind

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Hello everyone! Tara here—

With the new year officially in full swing, I’ve been seeing a lot of crochet plans floating around online platforms.

So how do you put together a list of things to make throughout the year? One that you’ll actually be able to do and not be completely overwhelmed by.

First, set reasonable goals. A challenge is always good to keep you learning and growing, but setting a lot of crochet goals and not being able to complete them can be defeating.

Think about your skill level and the amount of time you have. Think about where you crochet the most often (if you usually crochet on the bus or in the doctor’s office, it may be difficult for you to work on large, multi-colored afghans that require you to carry multiple skeins of yarn).

If you need to, set open ended goals.

The first crochet bucket list I made, I kept vague. I didn’t say that I wanted to try 15 specific techniques and patterns. I left it as, “Try 10 new stitches/techniques/joining methods”.

It made it easier to meet that goal, especially since I kept making new projects throughout the year that I hadn’t originally expected to make and the job I had at the time left me very little energy or time to crochet in general.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas that you can adjust to make your own:

#1- Try 5 new techniques/stitches/joining methods.

If you’ve never tried mosaic crochet, make make that something you try this year. Start small with a placemat or a mug rug, or go straight for a blanket. Whatever you feel comfortable with!

Personally, I have granny squares on my bucket list this year. Even though I’ve been crocheting for years, I’ve just never gotten around to them and that’s something I’m going to change this year.

#2- Try a new yarn.

Sirdar Happy Cotton Yarn


Sirdar’s Happy Cotton yarn is new on the Annie’s Craft Store site. There are a lot of colors to choose from, and it’s only $1.99 per skein!

#3- Make something you can wear.

It doesn’t have to be a garment, though there is something magical about wearing a sweater you’ve made yourself. Make yourself a hat or a scarf, and actually keep it for yourself instead of gifting it to someone you know.

#4- Make a blanket.

You don’t have to make a queen-sized blanket if that’s not something you have time for. You can make a throw blanket, a lapghan, or even a baby blanket. Do something that you’ll actually have time to do and WANT to do.

If you want to knock out two bucket list items at once, you can try Annie’s Kit Clubs. Every month, you get all of the yarn you need, video access, and part of the pattern of a stunning blanket. These kits are all about learning new techniques and you’ll have a stunning afghan at the end of the year.

Annie's Mandala Afghan Kit Club


Right now, I’m in love with the Mandala Afghan club, but you can do a Block of the Month Afghan or a Striped Afghan club. You’re guaranteed to learn something new, which ever blanket you choose.

#5- Donate something you’ve made

It always feels incredible to be able to give back and there are so many places that accept crocheted donations. Make sure you check out Britt’s post from last Thursday and this post.

The biggest thing with crochet bucket lists to remember: this is supposed to be fun. Don’t worry too much if you don’t finish everything on your list. There’s always next year. And the year after that, and the year after that….

Happy Crocheting!


Let us know how what projects you’re putting on your bucket list in the comment section!

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

Need inspiration? Check out Annie’s Craft Store for some incredible crochet patterns! 

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S.A.C.K’s Star Crochet Volunteer & How You Can Help

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Crafters love to give. Crocheters maybe most of all. In the February issue of Crochet World, our In the World of Crochet article focuses an a special organization and it’s star crocheter/donator Joe King.

Joe King with 9,000th sack!

I am not going to tell all of the details here because I want you to go get the issue and read more! But I did want to give a special shout and some clickable links for this organization and to help Joe out with a new goal.

First, the organization Joe is helping out, S.A.C.K. (Supporting A Community with Kindness). This organization was founded in 2017 by Stacy Wiener. The group promotes cleanliness worldwide by handing out bars of soap with crocheted and knitted soap sacks. If you would like to knit or crochet some yourself to help out, head here for all the info you need for donating and for some sack patterns as well.

Joe & S.A.C.K. founder, Stacy Wiener

Second, Joe King is working to reach his next big milestone: 10,000 soap sacks! Let’s lend a hand and send Joe some yarn to help him reach this next big goal. He would love to get some 100% cotton yarn donations from you all. So raid your stash and then shoot Joe an email at:

Don’t have yarn in your stash but would still like to send him some, head on over here for 100% cotton yarn at great prices!

Joe’s soap sacks

PLEASE do not spam Joe. He is working hard and for a good cause. Only email him if you would legitimately like to donate yarn to him and the cause. Christmas may be past but the time for giving and sharing never does!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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Check Out Crochet! Magazine’s New Spring Issue

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Hello everyone! Tara here—

The new Spring issue of Crochet! Magazine is out!

This issue is fun and whimsical, and I can’t wait for you to see the projects inside.

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Spring Crochet! Magazine Cover

Spring 2023 Issue

I wanted this issue to have something for every stitcher. If you love crocheted tops, but worry about the fit and think making a garment is intimidating, the Not-So-Granny tee needs to be on your must-make list— it’s crocheted in squares and panels and joined together later, making it completely customizable! Or, if you prefer to show off your skills with texture, Rosie the Hedgehog is made with a bunch of fun stitches and is sure to make anyone smile. Looking for a cute and colorful bag? The Cherry Blossom Bag is the one you need!

The 22 designs in this issue are divided up between three main sections and the regular beginning sections:

The Beginning sections in this issue are all pieces that you can use year-round, but are perfect for Spring.

Beginning Sections of Crochet! Magazine Spring 2023

Beginning Sections

Here, you can find the Twin Hair Ties that showcase different borders and are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face, the beautiful Cali Cover-Up (which would look incredible over a long-sleeved shirt and leggings), and the Striped Sleeves Cardi that’s thick enough to keep you warm on cold mornings and chilly days. The Sweet Violet Top, made with less than 3 cakes of yarn, is so light and could easily be layered under a cardigan or blazer. The Beginner’s Apron, which could be used for gardening, cooking, or painting, is also on our must-make list because it can be used for so many things!

Easy Breezy features five light and lovely designs that are inspired by soft spring blooms. This projects in this section have movement and incredible drape.

Easy Breezy Section of Crochet! Magazine Spring 2023

Easy Breezy Section

Some of our favorites from this section are the Dreamy Garden Cardigan, which made it on the cover of the issue and is another piece that will travel between the seasons with you, and the Light & Lacy Shawl, that adds a flirty pop of color and texture to any outfit.

Fun & Fanciful includes seven charming and whimsical designs that have a spring cottage feel. They’re colorful and fun, perfect for you or the kids in your life.

Fun & Fanciful Section of Crochet! Magazine Spring 2023

Fun & Fanciful Section

The Toadingtons are an absolute favorite of ours! Their cute smiles are guaranteed to brighten the day of anyone who sees them. We’re also loving the Timeless Tie Topper, which has an incredible texture and is so easy to wear, and the Mushroom Cat House, which adds a pop of color to your room and gives your cat the perfect place to rest.

Popular Patterns is made of four fun projects that feel both vintage and modern. They’re new takes on old favorites.

Popular Patterns Section of Crochet! Magazine Spring 2023

Popular Patterns Section

You can’t have a vintage-inspired section without including a granny square. The Not-So-Granny Tee is made with two large granny squares, side panels, and bottom panels. This means that it is a completely customizable pattern and can easily be altered to be any length and/or width that you want—you just have to adjust the size of the panels. The Ladies Slippers are also perfect for keeping your toes warm on those chilly spring mornings, and use a fun Bavarian crochet technique to add a beautiful, detailed cuff.


Let us know in the comments what your favorite project is!

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine


You can buy an electronic copy on Crochet!’s website HERE! 

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