Crochet Guild of America 2017 Hall of Fame Recipient

Carol Alexander
2017 Recipient
CGOA Hall of Fame

The Crochet Guild of America is pleased to announce Carol Alexander as the 2017 inductee to the Hall of Fame! Carol was the guest speaker at this year’s banquet celebration held on July 29. Her family was present for the event as she accepted her award and thanked CGOA for the honor.

Carol Alexander & Family

Familiar to many due to her long-standing career as a crochet designer, author and self-publisher, hundreds of her original designs have been published by almost every leading crochet and needlecraft publication and yarn company, as well as being featured on craft cable networks since 1988. In 1995, she was honored to be the first designer selected as a member of the elite Monsanto Designs for America crochet and knit design program.

Carol joined Annie’s Publications in 2002 as their crochet editor. Her generosity and expertise as an editor has afforded both new designers as well as experienced ones the opportunity to launch into professional crochet careers. Understanding of her vast audience ensured that Carol could offer both basic and challenging projects and techniques, giving voice to crocheters who want to create for their families, for charities, for gift-giving and for their homes.

Carol Alexander & Family

Serving in several key positions within the Crochet Guild of America, the organization has been very grateful for Carol’s talents and volunteer spirit! She also worked with the Craft Yarn Council to help develop the yarn standards now used as the template for the crochet and knit industry. She also served on an advisory committee that developed the Learn to Crochet program for junior and senior high schools across the country. In addition, the Crochet Liberation Front awarded Carol the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Congratulations, Carol!

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  1. Gwen says:

    It is indeed an honor to add Carol Alexander to the CGOA/Jean Leinhauser Hall of Fame! She’s well-deserving for all she has contributed to the world of crochet! The Hall of Fame committee welcomes your input for 2018 Nominations:

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