Meet the Designer – Gwen Buttke McGannon

The August issue of Crochet World features the most stunning shawl designed by Gwen Buttke McGannon. The Elvia Shawl is the kind of project you savor and take your time making because you just don’t want it to end! Crocheted in size 10 thread, it would be just as beautiful in a single color to complete the perfect wedding ensemble.

The lacy motifs are fun to make and are join-as-you-go. The beautiful edging incorporates a pretty Bruges lace round adding just the right finishing touch.

Gwen shared more about how she learned to crochet and the Eliva Shawl in our August issue.

Gwen says: “My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was in grade school. It was a tricky way to learn as I am left-handed and she was right-handed. Right away I enjoyed crochet more, and I created some clothes for my Barbie and a pencil pouch that I used for many years. I did not crochet or knit again until I was in college and was reintroduced to both crafts. I fell in love with crochet all over again!

I enjoy exploring the many facets of crochet, from lace to Tunisian and everything else in between. My love for crocheting with thread blossomed as I started making hair clips and ponytail holders for my daughter, then for my Etsy shop, gwengoods. I love making beautiful accessories. I crochet every day, and when leaving home I always have something to work on as I may find time to crochet a few stitches here and there, anywhere. I love exploring all the infinite possibilities within the art of crochet, and don’t think I will ever grow tired of trying new techniques and creating new designs.

I love creating multicolored motifs that incorporate joins worked as you crochet, as it creates a flawless look. In creating the motifs for the Elvia Shawl, I thought it would be fun to have a special cluster stitch repeat within the different rounds.

When I am making many motifs for a project, I start with the first color and crochet all the motifs through the final round in that color, then I continue with the second color and any remaining colors in the same way. It makes it easy to ensure all motifs are turning out the same, and a side benefit is that you can usually memorize the rounds crocheted in each color so the work goes quickly. Also, I can pack my project bag with the current color and crochet on the go!”

The Elvia Shawl pattern along with 21 other designs perfect for summer stitching can be purchased here.

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