On the Fringe!

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Fringe can add a simple, yet elegant finishing touch to many crochet projects, including shawls, fashion accessories, blankets, rugs, pillows, and other home decor items.

Today we’ve included instructions for three styles of fringe that can take your crochet projects from pretty to wow!

Single-knot Fringe

Basic, single-knot fringe is perhaps the most widely used type for many crochet projects. It is easily created by cutting a specified number of stands of yarn the desired length, folding them in half and securing them to the project as shown here. After the fringe has been added, trim the ends even.

Single knot fringe_steps 1 and 2 Single knot fringe_steps 3 and 4

Here’s a helpful tip: Find a hardcover book half the desired length of your fringe and wrap your yarn around the book as many times as the number of strands needed. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut along the indent created by the cover.

Double-knot & Triple-knot Fringe

For a lacy, honeycomb-type edging that’s easy to make, try double-knot or triple-knot fringe, which is sometimes referred to as macramé fringe. Keep in mind that you are adding more knots, so you’ll want to cut your strands of yarn about twice as long as you want the finished fringe. To make the double-knot fringe, first work single-knot fringe, then, working from left to right, take half the strands from one single-knot fringe and half the strand from the next and knot them together as shown here approximately 1-1/2 inches lower that the row of single-knot fringe. Continue across, dividing each fringe and knotting it to the next.

Double knot fringe_color

To make the triple-knot fringe, first work single-knot and double-knot fringe. Then, working from right to left, tie a third row of knots.

Triple knot fringe_color

We hope you’ll enjoy adding fringe to your next project. Those special finishing touches can really make all the difference!

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