A Better Way! Begin and End Like a Pro!

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Here are two quick tips worth learning and adding to your crochet tool box! The place where you begin and end new colors in the round can leave an unsightly area and mar your beautiful crochet project. These two simple techniques can make all the difference!

When rounds are begun with ch 3 and finished with sl st in top of ch 3, the beginning and ending are visible. Can you see the difference between these two circles? One has visible joinings, and the other does not.

40202410_2_lg[1] 40202410_1_lg[1]

Here’s how it works: begin a round with a dc instead of ch 3, make loop on hook, yo holding loop with your thumb if needed, insert hook in st and pull up a lp.


(Yo, pull through 2 lps on hook) 2 times to finish dc normally.

To create an invisible join, after working last stitch, do not join. Cut yarn leaving about 8 inches; pull yarn end completely through removing loop from hook.




Insert crochet hook from front to back under top two loops of second stitch of round; pull yarn through


Insert crochet hook from back to front between the top two loops of last stitch worked in rnd; pull yarn through.




Adjust tension on the yarn to create a join that is the same size as the top two lps of remaining stitches. Voila! Your invisibly joined round is now complete. Take yarn to back of work and weave in end securely.

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