Big or Small, It All Makes a Difference

Now that we’re heading into fall and the upcoming holiday season, it’s the time of year when many crocheters turn their thoughts and talents to crocheting items for people in need. Without a doubt, the benefits of their dedicated efforts are immeasurable in helping to improve the lives of their less fortunate neighbors.

At you’ll find a list of national and world-wide charities that Annie’s (publisher of Crochet World) supports – all of which make an invaluable difference for people in need. Please be sure and check them out.

Keep in mind, too, that every day, dedicated people are also making big differences in smaller ways right in their own local areas. There are untold numbers of caring crocheters who are changing lives every day in their communities, whether individually or in groups. These dedicated stitchers are helping brighten the lives and ease the daily existence of their neighbors in need with the warm garments, blankets and baby and household items they make and donate for them.

If there’s not already a charity crochet group in your area, why not start one? Simply gathering a few crochet friends together who also want to help is a great way to begin. Before you know it, through word of mouth, you might be surprised to find your group has grown to include many hands making a lot of items! But whether you can make only a few crochet donations on your own, or many with a group, every single one is important and can change a life.

If you need some great project ideas that are ideally suited for charitable giving, be sure and check out these patterns available for quick download at

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