Securing Embroidery Accents on Crochet Pieces

Last week in my post about making safer, longer-lasting crocheted toys, I talked about using embroidery as the safest way to create facial features. I stressed the importance of leaving beginning and ending yarn tails that are long enough to weave in securely. You definitely don’t want to simply tie off the yarn ends and snip them off at the knots. Not only is this not a very secure finishing, but the color of the embroidery yarn is usually in stark contrast to the color of the project, and the knots would be clearly visible.

So how, exactly, is the best way to weave them in? When finished stitching, securely knot each yarn end fairly close to the embroidery. Thread one end on a yarn or tapestry needle. If the project is stuffed, insert the needle into the crocheted piece very close to the embroidery and weave the yarn end back and forth inside the crocheted piece several times, pulling the yarn just firmly enough to make sure the knot is pulled inside the crocheted piece. Snip the yarn end and tuck it securely inside the crocheted piece. If embroidering on a non-stuffed piece, follow the same procedure weaving the yarn back and forth through the back of the crocheted fabric. Repeat with the other yarn end.

Now you can feel confident that your crocheted piece won’t either “lose face” or “come unraveled!”

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