How Many Yards in That Yarn?

How many times have you wondered if there was enough yarn in an unlabeled or leftover skein of yarn to use for a certain project? It’s easy enough to determine how many ounces it is (an inexpensive postal scale can tell you this), but you have no idea how many yards that equals, depending on the yarn’s weight.

pile of yarn

Below is a handy little general conversion chart for the most commonly used yarn weights that will help you make a quick calculation when trying to figure out if you have enough yards of a particular yarn to use for a project. Although there might be slight variations in the following information due to differences in fiber content or yarn manufacturing processes, these approximate yardages will give you a pretty good idea of how much yarn you have available to work with.

conversion chart

Please note: the big fluffy ball with the pink hair bow in the photo is NOT yarn, so we have no conversion available for it. 🙂

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