5 Super Fun Crochet Tools & Ideas

Let’s take a trip around the good ‘ol interweb and check out some super cool crochet ideas.

  1. I love my metal crochet hooks. I find the far superior to other materials (yep bit of a stubborn person in that respect, but we all have our own favs). Some may prefer the ergonomic handles of other hooks though. Well here’s the best of both worlds. Click here.
  2. I don’t make doilies so this may go against a true threadies feelings about what to do with doilies but…I thought these were a super cute way to use them a bit differently in your decor. Click here.
  3. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Megan Lapp’s new book, Crochet Impkins: Over a Million Possible Combinations! Yes, really!. It is adorable and terribly clever and I wish I didn’t have a gazillion things in the works so that I could play around with creating my own creatures. Check it out here and pre-order a copy!
  4. Sorry by have have to list another amigurumi because this one does double duty. He holds your phone AND your crafting supplies. Check him out here.
  5. So after watching this I want to create a gazillion versions of a crochet lampshade. Click here.

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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