Crochet Kits You May Not Have Known Annie’s Made

 Hello everyone! Tara here—

You’ve probably seen some of Annie’s stunning crochet afghan kits like the Mandala afghan, the Moroccan Tile afghan, and the Irish Fields Gansey afghan, but did you know that we have more than just blanket kits?

The Caring Crochet kit is dedicated to making pieces that are perfect to donate to charities.

Each month features a new project that is specifically picked out for a different charity. One month may have pot holders for a charity that donates to families that have lost their homes in disasters, and another month may be a lapghan or a hat for someone going through chemo. One month may be a pet bed for an animal shelter, and another may be a toy for a children’s charity.  

You can keep the project for yourself, gift it to a loved one, or you can donate it to the charity! The charity’s information and address are included in each kit and the projects donated make a huge impact.

The other crochet kit Annie’s makes is the Hook & Needle kit.

With the Hook and Needle kit, you can decide if you want to crochet or knit the project of each month. Because the kit comes with the patterns for both knit and crochet patterns, and enough yarn to make the project of your choice.

There are bags and baskets, scarves and shawls, lapghans and so many other types of projects. This is one of my favorite kits and one you definitely need to check out.

And the best part of each kit—we make videos tutorials for the projects so you’ll have some help to make sure you can complete the project!

Check out our crochet kits at Annie’s Kit Clubs.

Let us know how what projects you love working on in the comment section!

– Tara Orchard, Crochet Expert

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