The NEW Crochet World issue: Autumn 2023

The new Autumn 2023 issue of Crochet World is going out to subscribers and is due to hit the newsstands next week, July 4th. In celebration of this new issue, we are doing a month of giveaways! One giveaway a week featuring the following great craft companies: Scheepjes, Clover, Skacel and Circulo. Follow us on Instagram for a chance to win!

Now onto the meat of the issue. If you are a subscriber you will have find out the news that Crochet World is moving to a quarterly magazine. But don’t be discouraged! We have a lot of new perks that come along with this change and you are still getting all the great patterns you have grown to love in the magazine. Side note: I had loads of great image examples to share with you but today the technology is just not wanting to cooperate with me. So follow links to see some of what I wanted to show you!

If you want to see this post with images and are a member of Ravelry, click here.

First a new fresh look to the magazine starting with the cover and the fact that the magazine is now perfect bound (that’s the glued together side of the magazine…notice the difference there?!) and a new logo (that’s the look of the Crochet World large graphic title…it’s subtle but impactful!). Click here.

The overall page size is larger and there are more pages per issue! Which means that we can give you more patterns per issue. Now that pattern number is greatly going to depend on the types of patterns in the issue. Some issues will have drastically more patterns while others may not. That is because the length of patterns vary. The more complex and unique the pattern, the longer it tends to be and therefore the more pages it may take up. I just want you to keep that in mind. Check out the patterns here.

More pages means more space for adding in more how to images when we can!

As well as giving you great articles to up your crochet skills in the Crochet Tutorial 101 section. We have a superb series for this section coming up in the Winter issue so be sure to subscribe here so you don’t miss out!

We are also incorporating larger image spreads so you can really see those great projects! Notice as well the fun new section headers.

You will also see QR codes scattered throughout the issue. These QR codes will take you to a variety of things from short how to stitch videos to longer project tutorial videos, as well as kits and yarns to purchase and direct links to more information on a particular topic. If you have smart phone with a camera, go to your camera and hover over the code and then your phone will either directly take you to the spot or give you some instructions for completing the action. I am not techy nor do I have one of those super fancy expensive smartphones and it worked when I tried it out too. So I think you will find them rather handy once you get the hang of them.

Notice some patterns will include information for purchasing full kits for making the projects too.

And we will have more garments in each issue. I know there hasn’t been a lot lately so I hope you all are ready to start making some more sweaters and tops!

We are now also the official magazine of CGOA! If you aren’t a member, head here to learn more and join!

In the Autumn issue, we have the following regular up front sections: Beginner’s Corner, Scraps Delight, Done in 1, 2, 3 Skeins, Just for Fun! and Crochet Tutorial 101. Then we haven’t forgotten our thread lovers! The Just Threads section remains dedicated to doilies and all things thread (number per issue will vary…you’ll love Winter…hint…hint). The other featured chapters are:

Crocheted Organization—loads of baskets and pockets and hanging organizers

Summer’s Glory—filled with bright projects to hang onto summer vibes just a bit longer

Spiced Stitches—projects with stitches and colors that mimic spices you might have in your cabinet

Cool Nights—designs that will keep you cozy and warm as the temps start to drop this fall

Sweater Weather—3 great fall sweaters in lovely textures and pretty fall yarns

Pssst…if you are a Tunisian lover there are 3 AMAZING Tunisian projects in this issue as well!

We hope you enjoy the new issue and all it’s perks!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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