We’re Having a HUGE Sale! Check Out These Incredible Products All Crocheters Love

 Hello everyone! Tara here—

Is there anything better than finding a sale?!

I’m such a sucker for anything with the words “Sale” or “Clearance” on them, and I tend to buy things I don’t need right now because I KNOW I’ll need them in the relatively near future. Or in the not-so-near future…. I’ll use it eventually.

And there’s a huge sale going on at Annie’s Craft Store right now.

You can see my problem.

Do I need a bunch of yarn?


Can you get 406 yards of Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday Worsted yarn for $3.99 (and is that my favorite yarn)?

Yes and yes.

Is that the cheapest I’ve ever seen that yarn?

Also yes.

And then there’s Cascade’s 220 Superwash wool yarn, Bernat’s Suede-ish yarn, Berroco’s Vintage Chunky (another one of my favorites), and so many other incredible brands. And it’s all so cheap!

On top of that, there’s also amigurumi kits, pattern books and magazines, DVDs, and individual patterns for sale. You can even get afghan kits that come with the pattern, video tutorials, and yarn!

The afghan kits are such an incredible deal.

There are even crochet hooks and knitting needles on sale, and you can always use those.

If you need notions, you can find them here for an incredible price. I’m talking scissors, buttons, pins and safety pins, and organizers.

And if you don’t have a steam iron for blocking, Annie’s is also having a sale on those too.

So go check out the sale at Annie’s Craft Store and grab some crochet essentials for a steal!

Happy Stitching & Happy Shopping!

Let us know how what you love to grab when it’s on clearance in the comment section!

– Tara Orchard, Crochet Expert

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