5 Podcasts to Listen to While Crocheting Your Current WIP

I absolutely love listening or watching things while a crochet. I am big into multitasking! Whether it’s a movie, TV series, audiobook or podcast, you can always find something playing in the background while I work. Here are a few new ones I have found recently (and they are from all  over the yarniverse):

Moroccan Tile Crochet Afghan Club


This is the one I have been hooked on the most lately. Sarah, is from the Netherlands and does podcasts twice a week (once on Monday and once on Friday). She does them both in English and Dutch! That’s dedication folks. She primarily knits (remember I have mentioned I was a knitter before I was a crocheter) but does crochet quite often too! Her color choices just ring true to my heart as well with lots of earthy colors. Lately there has been a lot of embellishing too. So you will pick up some tips on adding embroidery to projects, if that’s your thing. From time to time she tosses out some Dutch words (I believe it is Dutch and not Danish) as well so you can pick up some fun new terminology while watching.

TL Yarn Crafts

Toni Lipsey shines on video period. If you haven’t seen her reels on Instagram, you need to give her a follow. I have been a long time follower on Instagram and figured I would give her podcast a go. Learn about her patterns, new gadgets and yarn, find fun giveaways and more as you sit back and enjoy this Midwesterner’s take on crochet and what you can make with yarn. She will keep you entertained podcast in the 30-40 minute range. The perfect amount of time for some coffee and stitching!

Finnish Knitting Stories

I recently stumbled across this one and don’t be fooled by the name, she does crochet too! Jana covers the spectrum from knitting, yarn dyeing, spinning, crochet and more. Her color combinations blow my mind as she puts these very neon brights with all kinds of colors! I am not that brave. Also she makes loads of scrappy projects which just makes my heart happy. Give her a listen and see what you think!

Young Folk Knits

Kaci Apple is the podcaster behind this beautifully shot podcast. I just love the entire esthetic of her videos. This is predominantly knitting but you will also find out a lot about spinning as it is her newest yarny adventure. Watch to find out about beautiful yarns, patterns to try and a bit about working on a small farm in Arkansas. Even if you are not a knitter, I think you will enjoy watching and picking up some color tips. I just think her yarn selection ability is top notch!

Woolly Mammoth Fibres/Emma Robinson

Emma is the dyer behind Woolly Mammoth Fibres, which specializes in naturally dyed, non-superwash fibers primarily from areas of the Wales, Yorkshire and Ireland. The yarn comes in beautiful colors. You can see Emma working with it on her podcasts, hear about her current works in progress and she loves to garden, so there are frequent visits to the garden or about plant things. (You can tell that I am not a gardener). Oh and you get to listen to your great accent! Episodes are not lengthy either so this one is great when you aren’t going to be sitting down for super long stitching session.


To read about some of my ongoing favorite podcasts, head to this old blog post.

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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