What Is The CASA/GAL Organization And Why Do You Need To Know About It?

Hello everyone! Tara here—

Have you ever heard of the CASA/GAL Organization?

The Court Appointed Special Advocates/Guardians ad Litem (CASA/GAL) organization has been voted one of America’s best charities and its mission is to help children who have been abused and/or neglected thrive in their new lives.

The volunteers from CASA work with children in the foster care system and are there to help them in whatever way they may need—whether it’s help with court hearings, adjusting in new foster homes, visiting their families or starting a new life with their adopted family.

The Guardians are there to provide support to these children who need some stability in their changing lives.

And there are so many different ways to volunteer! You can become one of the Court Appointed Special Advocates, or you can raise funds, donate money, or even give gifts.

In the June 2023 issue of Crochet World, there’s a section called “Making With A Difference,” which is filled with projects that are perfect to donate to charity, and Cherie Mellick from Sweet Bird Crochet made a blanket specifically for CASA.

CASA Blanket from Crochet World June 2023
The CASA Blanket Designed by Cherie Mellick, Sweet Bird Crochet

This blanket is made with single crochet and is the perfect piece to donate! But not just that—this blanket is perfect for spreading awareness and opening a conversation about this incredible organization.

Crochet World June 2023 Cover

This issue goes on sale on 4/25 and you’ll be able to find it in stores near you and on Annie’s Craft Store!

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– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

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