Up Close With the Uncommon Granny Afghan Crochet Pattern

We have a lot of great patterns in our April issue and I am doing my best to show some extras for as many of them as I can. In the Granny Stripes chapter, we have a colorful afghan that combined stripes and more traditional granny squares into one lovely piece. The Uncommon Granny Afghan was designed by Rebeca Grieco using Premier Yarns Puzzle Cotton. This fun yarn has kind of a marled look and shifts colors all on its own. If you want something a little more refined, we have several worsted yarn available here.


This pattern is pretty straight forward with the creation of the granny squares or motifs. But the joining of them and the addition of the stripes could be a bit confusing for some. The designer was kind enough to send in some photos so I put them together in little video for a nice visual for you.

The designer has you work the stripes in such a lovely and seamless way across the different motifs.

seamless granny stripes

I think this one would also be fun if each block was a solid color and the stripes were solid. You could definitely use your scraps for each section for quite a unique look!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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