The Infinite Possibilities of the Floating Blocks Centerpiece Crochet Pattern

In the April issue of Crochet World, we have a very interesting pattern by designer Mary Beth Temple called the Floating Blocks Centerpiece. This table topper is worked in squares with a central block of color and colored stripes and is worked from one corner to the opposite corner. The fun thing about it, besides that super cool pop of color in the center square, is that these squares can be combined in any number of ways to create a truly unique piece.

For the issue, Mary Beth worked up 4 squares and combined them into a simple square shape that has the stripes giving an illusion of an X. But by rotating the blocks you can create a different pattern with the stripes very easily. Here’s  the 4 blocks in a chevron pattern.

Bonus assembly diagram

We also give you an assembly diagram that shows the blocks in a simple long strip if you wanted to create more of a table runner style piece. Rotating the blocks in the strip can also create different effects, like below.

Bonus assembly diagram #2

Then you could go real crazy and make a mess of blocks and create one larger centerpiece or table covering. In the pattern we give you 3 assembly diagrams as to suggestions for how to orient the blocks. But again you can play with it to find different patterns.

Bonus assembly diagrams #3 & #4

What can your imagination come up with? I think I could play around with these squares all day and not get tired of rearranging them!

To help you with creating your one of a kind piece, the Pattern Notes section of the pattern tells you about how much yarn you need to create a square. You can use this information to help you calculate how much yarn you need for your own special creation and an infinite number of squares!


The design uses Omega Eulali, which is a lovely Egyptian cotton yarn that comes in a wide array of colors. This project would look striking in any number of color combinations as well. Pick a color for the center square that really pops if you want the same effect as the one in the magazine.

PS: If you are  a member of Ravelry, we have started back up our Crochet World forum and would love to hear from you and see your creations. Stop by and share your work with us!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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