Crochet Tutorial: Granny Turtles

In the April issue of Crochet World, you will find an adorable pattern for scrappy turtle stuffies. The Granny Turtle combines amigurumi techniques with granny stripes to create a super cute and quick little stuffie.

Designer and creator, Jackie Laing of Amidorable Crochet has made a super fun little how to video that you can find by clicking this link. She shows how each piece forms and comes together.


The turtle is worked up in scraps of worsted weight yarn at a tight gauge to keep all that stuffing safely in place. Most of us have scraps of worsted weight yarn sitting around, but if you find you do need some yarn or want a particular color combination be sure to visit for lots of options. She also tells you in the instructions exactly how much of each color you need to make one turtle. But we have a feeling that once you make one, you won’t be able to resist making a second!


Now unfortunately there is a couple of revisions to the version of the pattern in the printed magazine (digital copies are updated once a mistake is found). Please hop over here to get the update. No one likes to make mistakes but we are all human and it happens so please don’t hold a grudge.

One of bit of information about the pattern that we have been asked is a concern that the instructions don’t tell you to use all 3 colors in the shell even though you can clearly see all 3 colors there. The information is there but perhaps can be easily overlooked. It does state “changing color in established sequence”. In the previous rows all 3 colors are used so as you work the row repeat, this statement is telling you to keep on changing colors in the same order you did at the start of the shell. I figured I would put this out there in case that bit of the pattern was throwing you as well. If we have any other questions or concerns that we think you might find helpful, we will be sure to update this post accordingly. We want you to have all the information you need to create these lovely little guys!

They make great gifts and are just super fun to make! Also keep coming back to the blog as we add more information about other projects in the April issue!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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