A Day of Crochet & Yarn

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The perfect crocheted filled day all laid out for you.


8 am: Wake up and enjoy a warm beverage while starting off the day with a crochet filled podcast. We suggest: Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts or Emma of LuluLoves Crochet .

9 am: Time to get busy. Sit and crochet the next hour away listening to a great book! We suggest one of Annie’s fiction club audiobooks!

10 am: Let’s get moving! Head to a local yarn shop or craft store for a yarn stock. Find a local store near you here. Don’t want to get that fancy, just do a general search online for local yarn shops near you and your off.

11 am: Still yarn shopping? Choose a pattern from Annie’s Craft Store  and narrow your yarn search. What you just left the store? Head back to better yet hit a second store!

12 pm: Getting hungry, fingers itching for some more quality time with a work in progress. Find a local eatery or head on home, make a quick sandwich and start crocheting again. Enough dreaming and yarn shopping get busy.

1 pm: Take a little break from crocheting and do some more shopping for patterns. Head over here to find some great projects at great prices!

2 pm: Make cookies for tea time. Crochet some more on your project while they bake.

3 pm: Have tea and warm cookies while crocheting on your project in your favorite chair and might we suggest watching an episode of Knit & Crochet Now!. The new season is available!

4 pm: Better get moving again! Lay down that big project, grab a small on the go project and toss it in bag like this one and head out for a nice walk and stitch.

5 pm: Time to get inspired. Flip through one of your favorite crochet books or past issues of Crochet World or Crochet! magazines. These books are favorites right now: Totally Textured Crochet or Patchwork Crochet, learn a new technique with this one.

6 pm: Getting hungry again. Take a short break and order in so you can get back to working on your crochet project for a while!

7 pm: Okay maybe you should get moving for a little bit. Why not take some time and organize your crochet tools and yarn! Find helpful items to get you organized here.

8 pm: Did you find yarn you forgot you had while doing all that work? Or a project you languishing away? Well don’t deny yourself time with it. Today is all about crochet time. Sit back down and turn on a good flick and crochet some more. We suggest something with lots of great yarn-y projects. Of course, the Harry Potter movies are loaded with crochet and knitwear. But maybe something more grown up. You will either love or hate this one but you can’t deny that is is loaded with crochet project: Cloud Atlas.

9 pm: You are still watching and crocheting to your movie I hope. Don’t forget to put down your work every once in a while. Enjoy the yarn-y goodness on the screen and do some hand and finger stretches.

10 pm: Finish the movie. Then finish one more row before heading to bed!!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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