How To: Celtic Knot Crochet Towel

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In our February 2022 issue of Crochet World, we have a super fun Celtic Knot Towel created by designer Jennifer E. Ryan. The towel itself isn’t all that complex but folks may look at the Celtic knot and be a bit intimidated.


Please don’t be! It is actually easier than it looks! Yes, I am serious it is.

The pieces of the knot are just created by making long slender single crochet cords that have strategically placed decreases to give them a bit of a head start on the curves. Then you work a contrasting line of color along one edge of this slim cord. You will make a few and then you are ready to roll.


Next you will look at the diagram in the issue and use it as a guide to weave these cords in and out of each other. Or you could, if you have access to a printer, enlarge it and lay the cords right on the diagram as you work. The magazine gives you the dimensions you need to enlarge it. You say you need a video? No worries! Jennifer has one posted on her Instagram page! Head on over an check it out!

Now that you have finished you are hooked, right?! (Pun intended.) You can find a couple more of Jennifer’s Celtic knot designs here and here.

–Britt Schmiesing, editor

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