A Review: Everything You Need To Know About Circulo’s Gingerbread Man Amigurumi Kit

Hello everyone! Tara here—

Have you seen Circulo’s Amigurumi kits?

They have so many different options, from dinosaurs and animals to baby rattles and dolls for the kids in your life. You can find them HERE.

The kits I’m most excited about are the Holiday ones.

Circulo Amigurumi Holiday Kits
Circulo Amigurumi Holiday Kits

You can grab a kit of Santa and an elf, Rudolph, a gingerbread man and the cutest little snowman.

Each kit comes with everything you need to make each doll—the pattern, which can be found on the back of the insert, a crochet hook, all of the yarn you’ll need, stuffing, safety eyes, a tapestry needle, and a stitch marker to help you keep track of where you are.

What each kit contains
What You Get–The Gingerbread Man Kit

You can also find the pattern online if you prefer digital copies. I have always preferred hard copies of patterns, so I used the insert.

I decided to make the little gingerbread man this Christmas. He was bigger than I expected him to be, standing at about 5 inches tall (not counting his hat) and about 7 inches wide from one foot to the other once he was completed.

Gingerbread Man Circulo Holiday Kit

I loved every second of this kit! The yarn was a wonderfully soft cotton. It didn’t split like some cottons tend to, so it crocheted up without a problem, which was especially wonderful since you have to crochet fairly tightly with amigurumi.

The pattern was also incredibly easy to follow, and the rows of elongated single crochet stitches (also known as spike stitches) add the sweetest little detail and look so much like the frosting decorations on a real gingerbread man.

I did complete some of the steps out of order, but not so much that it would affect me negatively later. I made the buttons, bow tie, and hat first. Then I moved on to the arms and legs. Once those were done, I started on the body and head. The body has to be completed after the limbs because you crochet them onto the body while you’re working in the round, but all of the other pieces can be made whenever you want to make them.

Circulo Gingerbread Man Amigurumi Kit In Progress
Almost done….

Instead of sewing the buttons on at the very end, I added them before I stuffed the body to make it a little easier. I also added stuffing a row or two after suggested to prevent getting the stuffing stuck in the stitches.

All in all, this kit has definitely left me with a craving for more amigurumi projects, and I can’t wait to play with more of their designs!

Circulo Amigurumi Gingerbread Man

Happy Stitching!


Let us know what your favorite amigurumis are in the comment section!

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

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