Last Minute Gifts: Cozy Mystery Books You & Your Friends Will Love

Hello everyone! Tara here—

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift, you have to check out Annie’s Cozy Mysteries series!

Cozy mysteries are fiction books that are part of the mystery genre, but they’re lighter, comforting, and often funny. Books that are categorized as cozy mysteries never show violence and have very little profanity in them, making them the perfect light reading for the busy holiday season.

Christmas Cozy Mystery Books

You can buy book bundles from Annie’s Craft Store HERE.

There are bundles specifically for Christmas, like the Christmas Mysteries bundle, the Mistletoe Mysteries bundle, and the Merry Mysteries bundle.

If you want to give them as a gift, you can check out the Dog Lovers Cozy Mysteries bundle, the Quilter’s Cozy Mysteries bundle and the Amish Mysteries and Romance bundle.

You can also sign up for specific series and have book delivered to you and your loved ones every month! Visit the Annie’s Fiction website HERE to learn more.

On the Annie’s Fiction site, you can find cozy mysteries that are centered on knitting and crocheting. There is also a series for creative women, and the books come with crafting projects.

And, if you’re looking for a book series for a friend that isn’t overly crafty, there are Victorian and Scottish-inspired mysteries as well.

Happy reading!


Let us know how what books you love to read in the comment section!

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

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