What You Need For A Warm & Cozy Day of Crocheting

Hello everyone! Tara here—

It was so cold here in Indiana this weekend, that I refused to leave my apartment (I have a feeling this winter is going to be bringing a lot more of those days). I spent the whole weekend catching up on chores and crocheting instead of having to bundle up and go brave the weather.

I was warm and cozy, and it’s only fair that I share what made my weekend so wonderful so you can settle in for some cozy crochet days this winter too!

# 1: Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea

I can’t live without coffee and tea and usually have a cup nearby.

I’m a bit of a tea snob and love a great loose-leaf blend. That said, I’ll grab boxes from the local Walmart in the armful and grocery store (or a Christmas Tree Shop/And That Store if I’m visiting my parents in NJ).  I’ll drink almost any tea, but two of my current favorites are a Green Tea with Jasmine from Twinings and Bigelow’s Mint Medley, which you can find HERE and HERE.

The key to making a really great cup of tea—don’t boil the water! You can scorch the tea leaves if you do, and boiling the water gets rid of all of the air in it. It leaves you with a stale and bitter cup of tea, which you don’t want. Check the box to see how hot your water should be, and take your tea bag out once you’re done steeping to get an incredible cup!

A safe bet for most teas is to stop heating up the water right as bubbles start forming.

For my coffee, I really love it dark and I love Victor Allen’s Italian Roast. You can find some really great deals on it at the Christmas Tree Shop or at Bed Bath & Beyond. You can also buy it from Victor Allen’s website HERE, or snag a box off of Amazon.  Their Hazelnut flavor is absolutely incredible too if you like your coffee a little lighter and flavored.

# 2: Something to Listen To

I usually prefer to have music on when I crochet, but I will often crochet to tv shows and movies. I tend to prefer shows that I don’t have to pay very close attention to so I can focus on my stitching. Podcasts and Audiobooks are also wonderful to crochet to.

Some of the artists I’m really loving right now are Dermot Kennedy, Tom Walker, Jonathan Roy, and James Arthur. I’ve also been loving Tommee Profitt’s covers too—if you haven’t heard the emotional piano cover of “Wake Me Up”, featuring Fleurie (who is also incredible), then you have to go listen to it immediately.

For TV shows, you really can’t go wrong with cooking shows or crime shows. They aren’t something you always have to pay super close attention to and can get by with just listening to what’s going on, so they’re my go-to. I also love re-watching shows and movies I’ve already seen for that same reason.

# 3: Candles

Snowflakes & Cashmere Candle

Candles are a must-have for 2 reasons. One: they smell incredible. And two: the soft glow they give off brings a cozy warmth to any room, adding an instant comfort. A candle I’m loving right now is Bath & Body Work’s Snowflakes & Cashmere. The website describes the smell as “Snuggling into the softest blanket on a bright winter morning” with “vanilla cashmere cream, caramel woods, and frosted clementine” fragrance notes.

It definitely lives up to this description.

(And Bath & Body Works always has really great coupons out, so you can grab this at a great price.)

# 4: A Blanket

Cozy Throw Blanket
Aspyn Throw Designed By Darling Jadore

Is it a cozy day if you don’t have a blanket?

No. But don’t just go out and buy one (you could, but why do that when you can make your own). This Aspyn Throw is made using chunky yarn, so it whips up incredibly quick. Plus, it’s wonderful to be able to use your blanket as you’re crocheting it.

# 5: A Blanket Hoodie

Oversized Blanket Hoodie

I bought one of these for my sister-in-law a few years ago and didn’t even give it to her before I caved and bought my own HERE. This Blanket Hoodie is so thick and warm and one of the coziest things I own and they’re one-sized fits all!

The pocket in the front is huge and has another mini-pocket inside of that. So you can shove a few skeins of yarn and every one of your notions inside without a problem AND without worrying about losing your hook. Or you can put a family-sized bag of chips in it. Whatever you’re feeling that day.

Do I purposely leave my heat low so I have an excuse to wear this? Maybe.

Do you need one? Absolutely.

Get cozy and crochet!


Let us know in the comments: what’s your favorite thing to have on a cozy day-in?

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

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