Giving Back to Others with Your Crochet

As we near all the big end of the year holidays, giving back is really on my mind (if you can’t tell based on my posts lately). Today’s post is no exception.

I stumbled upon two really unique things this week and I wanted to share them.


First up is the Loose Ends Project. This one is just soooo special. Have you had a loved one that was super into knitting or crochet but then passed away and left unfinished pieces behind? Or maybe someone has become ill and can’t complete what they are working on? There could be any number of reasons why a project is left unfinished. This group will help you get those projects completed so that the love that was intended with the sharing of that project can still be passed on. You really have to go to the site and read all about it!

You submit a project and then they will hook you up with someone that has the skills to complete the project. You can also become a finisher yourself and help others with the same issue. It is truly a unique and amazing idea! Kudos to the Loose Ends team!!

This next one involves stepping back from being all about yourself on social media and sharing about others. It’s called Unselfing. You can find out more details about it by clicking the link. I think we should all strongly consider the challenge. For one month, make one out of every 3 things you share on social media about someone or something other than yourself. Share your friend’s new completed afghan. Post about a volunteer opportunity. Send some love to a  local business. I think this is a great way to end the year on a positive note!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor


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