Resplendent Squares Finale

Resplendent Squares
Endless possibilities!

If you have been following along since February 2022, you are ready for the final installment of the Resplendent Squares series by designer Gemma R. Owen. If you have missed out you can get back issues here or here. In the December 2022 issue, we give you the last 2 squares as well as another possible assembly diagram and the assemble instructions, which are pretty simple so that you can apply them across whichever formation you choose.

Final Squares

There truly are endless possibilities with the squares in this thread project. What do you plan on doing with yours? Are you keeping them as separate individual squares to set around the house and use like mini-doilies or coasters? Are you joining them in one of the ways that we have mentioned in the past issues? Or are you going to go your own way? I hope you have been sharing your creations on social media using the hashtag #resplendentsquares so that everyone can see.


I thought it would also be fun to give you even more ideas on what you can use the squares to create so I made a Pinterest board. On this board, you will find a variety of ideas that I think would be great with some of these squares.

If you have made something with these and you want to share via the blog, please send the to me at If I get enough images I will collect them and share them here on the blog!!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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