6 Trends You Have To Check Out

Hello everyone! Tara here—

Let’s talk about some trends we’ve been seeing lately:

# 1: Big Layers

Is there anything better than wrapping up in a soft and cozy blanket? Since it’s not always an option to do just that, big layers have become wardrobe staples. Oversized cardigans, jackets, ponchos, ruanas, and scarves are must-haves.

Long gray Coat
Great Coat Designed By Margaret Hubert

The Great Coat was published in Cozy Chic Crochet 2022 Magazine, and you can find it here too. It was made to be large so you could fit cozy sweaters under it and be the coziest you could be. It’s in a section of the magazine that’s dedicated to over-sized layers and accessories.

# 2: CottageCore

The CottageCore trend has been around for a while now, and it’s still going strong. Mushrooms, florals, leaves, acorns, fruit and vegetables, and woodland creatures are as popular as ever along with the natural themes we’ve been seeing.

Raccoon Pillow
Ricky Raccoon Pillow Designed By Debra Arch

Annie’s Hello Autumn Crochet 2022 Magazine and Crochet! Magazine’s Autumn 2022 issue are both filled with projects like the Rick Raccoon Pillow that play in to this trend, and are definitely must-haves!

# 3: Skulls & Witch Hats

Gothic designs are seeing a rise in popularity as well, so we’re seeing a lot of black designs and designs that feature skulls. With the fast approach of Halloween and the recent release of the second Hocus Pocus movie, witch hats join in as a trending piece.

3 Black Witch Hats
Witch Hats Designed By Tara Orchard

The Witch Hats found in Annie’s Halloween 2022 special issue are essential decorations to add to your home this season!

# 4: Pumpkins & Leaves

With Fall officially upon us, it’s impossible not to see leaves and pumpkins everywhere. Pumpkins are a favorite to make and there are so many different patterns now, some made in the usual oranges, but others created in different, unusual colors and with stunning textures.

Pumpkin Wreath with Burlap Roses
Pumpkin Wreath Designed By Elisa’s Crochet

The Pumpkin Wreath, which was published in Annie’s Halloween 2022 issue (which you can find above) and can be found here is a perfect example of this with not only an orange pumpkin, but with a cream pumpkin and a sage-y green pumpkin too.

# 5: Color Blocking

Color Blocking is making a come-back! From sleeves that are completely different colors than the rest of the sweaters (or even striped), to big blocks of solid color worked into one piece.

Color Blocked Orange, White, and Gray Sweater
Piedmont Pullover Designed By Britt Schmiesing

The Piedmont Pullover was published in the Autumn 2022 issue of Crochet! Magazine (which you can find above) and can be found here. It’s the perfect piece for color blocking. Some popular color combinations I’ve been seeing a lot lately are dark teals, mustards, burnt oranges, and soft blush pinks, and any combination of those colors would look incredible with this sweater.

#6: Slip Stitches & Short Rows

Slip stitches have been popping up more and more in patterns and are usually paired with short rows for knit-look designs. This technique has a few different names, but it’s usually associated with Bosnian Crochet.

Ivy Cowl with slip stitches
Ivy Neck Warmer Designed By @LyudmilaHefny

Have you seen the Ivy Neck Warmer by @LyudmilaHefny? Published in the Autumn 2022 issue of Crochet! Magazine (which you can find above), this design uses slip stitches and short rows to create stunning leaf patterns (which fits in with the CottageCore theme too)!

Let us know in the comments what you’re loving right now!

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

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