Advance Your Cable Skills With these Amazing Projects

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Can’t get enough cables after working the designs in the October 22 issue? Advance your cabling no how with these fun projects!


Learn to Crochet Cables 

Jennifer Poink’s video class will walk you through the ins and outs (or maybe I should say the ups and downs) of creating crocheted cables. She gives you 3 beautiful projects in this class and with everyone wanting more visuals these days, a video class is just the way to go.


Celtic Diamond Wrap

Bonnie Barker, who really should be crowned queen of cables, knocks it out of the park with this gorgeous wrap. If you are wanting to make a crocheted afghan but are intimidated by the size, start off with a wrap. It is going to have a similar shape but a smaller size for a quicker less intimidating project. And remember, you can find videos for Bonnie’s projects on her YouTube Channel, BonnieBayCrochet!


Ronya Hat & Cowl

Ready to try cables in the round? Designer extraordinaire, Lena Skvagerson, brings you this lovely set. Large cables separated by large sections of a less intimidating stitch allow you to focus on just certain sections of the piece and to chill on other sections. There isn’t a video with this project but after working the patterns in the issues and maybe the ones above you should be starting to get the hang of things.


Cabled Headband & Mitts

We kick up the skill level just a bit with this set by Bonnie Barker. Sets of smaller cables are separated by smaller sections of easy stitching in this set. It will keep you on your toes a bit more but remember to check out Bonnie’s videos for more assistance! These will work up quicker than you realize and make a great gift.


Legacy Afghan & Pillow

You have to be ready and itching to try a large project with cables now. Kristen Stoltzfus Clay knocks it out of the park with this massive crocheted afghan and matching pillow. This will surely turn into a piece you will treasure for years to come. It does have a repeating pattern so once you get the hang of it, it should move along smoothly. Textured stitches with the cable matter make it extra warm as well!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor


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