New Technique: 2 Colors, 2 Row Repeat

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Years ago I stumbled across the book Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting by Anna Maltz. It was such a fascinating concept: holding two strands of yarn together at the same time but then to work the patterning, you sometimes only use one of the yarns in the row. It was a completely new idea to me and it made for such a cool interesting effect.

Two-by-Two Poncho

Then not that long ago, low and behold, I stumble across one of our Annie’s books, Two-by-Two Crochet: 2 Colors; 2 Rows. It is a very similar technique but in crochet! I never would have thought about it translating over. And then to make such cool patterns using just a 2 row repeat made the concept even more intriguing.

Close up of 2 color, 2 row repeat

So I approached the designer, Bendy Carter, about working up something for the cable section in the latest issue of Crochet World (October 2022) and the Two-by-Two Poncho was born.

Versatile Styling

To make this even more interesting we paired a variegated color, Premier Spun Colors in canyon, with a solid color, Premier Ever Soft in parchment. This creates a color changing background for the solid cable stitches to pop off of. Once you master the odd abbreviations, which are completely explained in the pattern, that direct you where to place the stitches as well as which color to use, you will be rolling.

Options Galore!


It’s just two large rectangles of repeating patterning so it will fly once you get the hang of things. And the other great thing about this poncho is the myriad of ways that it can be worn. If you need more how to information on this technique be sure to head to and pick up the book!!


—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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