Quick & Easy Projects–Perfect For a 3-Day Weekend!

Hello everyone! Tara here—

I love being able to start a project and finish it in a weekend. There’s something just so wonderful about quick and easy projects, and I love making them to take breaks from any larger project I may be working on.

And 3-day weekends make it that much easier to sit down and whip out a new project.

Since this weekend is Labor Day weekend here in the USA, let’s look at some designs you can make in a flash:

# 1: Lovely Leaves Headband  

Tied Ecru Headband
Lovely Leaves Headband

This one will be done before you know it. Make a couple and hide them away to give to your friends and coworkers for Christmas!

# 2: The Chunky Speckled Neck Warmer

Chunky Speckled Neck Warmer
Chunky Speckled Neck Warmer

This cowl is perfect for chilly mornings and it stitches up quickly. It goes with any outfit and can be made with plain yarn, tweed yarn, or sparkly yarn, which will make it a favorite for you and your loved ones.

# 3: The Gold Medal Crochet Hat

Chunky White Hat Gold Medal
Gold Medal Hat

This one is a favorite! It stitches up quicker than you would think because it’s made with bulky-weight yarn and looks incredible in any color.

# 4: The Red Scarf

Red Textured Scarf
Red Scarf

Make this scarf in this bold red or a rich green and anyone can wear this scarf with any outfit for a beautiful pop of color!

# 5: The Rugged Tote

Tan Rugged Tote Bag
Rugged Tote

This bag is perfect for any outing or even just storing your current projects! It’s quick to make and the neutral color makes it perfect for anyone.

# 6: The Pastel Ribbons Baby Blanket

Pastel Ribbons Baby Blanket
Pastel Ribbons Baby Blanket

While blankets can take a while to make, baby blankets come together so much quicker and this one is no exception.

# 7: Into The Woods Baskets

Gray and Yellow basket set
Into the Woods Baskets

Is there such a thing as too many baskets? Fill these with snacks, yarn, plants and other little trinkets and this will be a projects you’ll use all the time.

# 8: The Rustic Stripes Pillow

Rustic Green and Blue Striped Pillow with Pom Poms
Rustic Stripes Pillow

You can never have too many pillows, and there’s no reason to spend $45+ on one when you can make it yourself! This one adds calming color to any home, but it could easily be made in pinks, blues, and yellows to add a brighter and more vibrant pop.

# 9: The Big Book of Dishcloths, Pot Holders & Scrubbies

Big Book of Dishcloths
Big Book of Dishcloths

Everyone loves dishcloths, pot holders and scrubbies. They’re so quick to make and something you and your loved ones can use again and again.

Enjoy your next 3-Day weekend!


What is your favorite thing to make that’s quick & easy?

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

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