A Review: The Ultimate Crochet Nursery

Hello everyone! Tara here—

Have seen the Ultimate Crochet Nursery book by Kristi Simpson?

First impression: this book is stunning! The cover is a soft matte finish, the colors used are warm and inviting and the photos are adorable.

The Ultimate Crochet Nursery Book by Kristi Simpson

It’s not just the colors on the cover that are incredible though. The color pallet used for each design is tasteful and modern, something that’s different than the usual pastels I expect to see when I think of designs for nurseries. Not to say that there aren’t any pastels in this book, because there are. But Simpson also included shades of mustard, navy, and orange that balance out the whites, pinks, and aqua shades usually found in nurseries.

The Ava Motif Blanket on page 6 is an example of this, and a definite favorite of mine.

Ava Motif Blanket

The orange, mustard, and rich blue are toned down and balanced beautifully with the gray-ish beige that connects each square.

With 40 projects included, there are so many new designs to make! There are toys and sensory projects the little ones will love, like the below Sensory Cube on page 92, and there are projects the parents will love, like bags, totes, and organizers that help keep diapers, wipes and toys exactly where they need to be.

Sensory Cube
Sensory Cube

With a variety of projects, there’s something for everyone. And I do mean everyone. In the introduction, Simpson says “… many of these patterns also work as transitional décor and function for years.”

There’s a pouf that would look great in any living room and some baskets that can hold yarn just as easily as they hold diapers.  And then there are all of the stunning hanging decorations!

Each project is either Easy or Intermediate, which makes this a great book for the makers that are newer to crochet. The pattern layout is easy to follow and there are plenty of photos of each project throughout the patterns too.

This one is definitely a must-have!

You can buy a copy of the Ultimate Crochet Nursery HERE


What is your favorite baby item to make?

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

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