2022 Chain Link Conference: Donations

The CGOA Chain Link Conference 2022 is coming up July 20–23 in New Orleans, LA. This is an exciting event held by the Crochet Guild of America and brings in crocheters from all over to one location for several days of fun activities, classes and…well, basically drooling over everyone’s yarn and crocheted pieces. Find out more about the event here.

Whether you can be there or not, you have an opportunity to give back! This year they are accepting scarves that will be on display at the event and then donated to the National WWII Museum’s Knit Your Big program afterward. You need not be present to participate in this.

Here are some details:

  • Scarves must measure no smaller than 6 x 60 inches. Please no key-hole or potato chip scarves.
  • Use yarn that is machine washable and dryable in gender neutral or patriotic colors. Knit Your Bit does not accept fun fur or eyelash yarn.
  • Sew in all loose ends.
  • You may write a personal message to the recipient signed with your first name only. Please tie that message to the scarf (no pins).
  • Include your personal information written clearly on a separate note to Museum staff if you would like to be added to their database. Otherwise all donations will be made in the name of the CGOA.

If you would like to mail in a scarf (or multiple scarves) to be displayed and then donated, we have a local member volunteer willing to receive them! Please address your donation to:

Doris Mejia

855 N Leighton Dr

Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Here are some great scarf patterns to help you get started:


If you can handle a simple knit scarf, try the My Favorite Scarf pattern. This would look amazing in red, white and blue!


Like to try something a little more challenging in crochet? Try Bonnie Barker’s Aran Honeycomb Scarf. Just be sure to work it a bit longer than suggested to fit the requirements of the organization! And don’t worry Bonnie has videos on her YouTube channel, BonnieBayCrochets, if you need some help.


Or work up the His Scarfie pattern quickly with chunky weight yarn!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor


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