Playing With Patterns: Magic Triangles

Versatility with Magic Triangles

We are borrowing a bit from our quilt brethren with this lovely Tunisian Magic Triangles Afghan by Sandy Walker (find this pattern and more in our August 2022 issue of Crochet World). This afghan is made up of squares that are worked half in one color and half in another to give the appearance of individual triangles.

Magic Triangle

You can work these triangles in any color combination that you prefer or that will match your home decor. We used a solid worsted weight white with a fun variegated yarn in this version so you can see the additional affect that the color changing yarn adds to it. Or add more colors to the squares. (Shop for worsted weight yarns here.) Once you make the squares the fun begins. In the magazine, we have provided you with 4 assembly possibilities but there are definitely more combinations out there. And think about adding more colors. What can you do with squares when you use 3-4 colors in the afghan? Draw it out and see what you can discover.

For giggles, I started playing with the little squares to see what combinations I could make. So here are a couple bonus combinations just for you readers!

Magic Triangle Assembly Diagram
Bonus Assembly Option #1

If you tackle this amazing project, be sure to let us know via any of our social media outlets. We would love to see your unique creations!

assembly diagram for Magic Triangles
Bonus Assembly Option #2

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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