A Peek Inside: Crochet World August 2022

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If you are a digital subscriber, you have probably already been perusing your August issue. If not, then let me try to tempt you to purchase an issue when it hits the newsstands on June 21st!

Cover project: Afghan Squared by Rebeca Grieco

When August hits, I start thinking about back to school, even with practically grown and out of the house teenage boys. Back to school means shopping and what goes well with shopping you might ask? Bags, of course. All types of bags are needed this time of year: a small bag to toss a wallet and your phone into as you run out for errands like The Knotted Sac by Anastasia Xue or along the same lines but a bit larger such as the Lola Market Bag by DeniMade, a tote for books or school supplies, Mitered Rectangle Tote by Pia Thadani, a large shopping bag so that you don’t have all that plastic or if your area no longer has plastic bags, like the Diamond Shopping Bag by Debra Arch or for the kiddos, try the super cute Woodland Animal Bags by Kathleen Stuart or the Kindergarten Nap Buddy that is a 3-in-1 project!

Diamond Shopping Bag: Openwork with plain tassel option

Sticking with the school theme, we have a section dedicated to home decor projects that in someway use geometry in their makeup. How many different shapes can you find in this section? Can you locate them all? Triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, circles, octagons and more abound in the beautiful blankets, place mat, rug, coasters and pillow in this chapter. Add brightness and color to your home with the cover project Afghan Squared by Rebeca Grieco and the Crazy 8s Lapghan by Andee Graves. Mellow things down a bit with the Hues of Blue Table Mat by Angela Ader and the Going Round in Circles Rug by Debra Arch. Give the Tunisian Magic Triangles Afghan your own twist with four possible assembly diagrams or better yet, arrange and discover your own configuration! Create drama to your home with Tammy Hildebrand’s Mod Triangles Pillow and Rohn Strong’s amazing Modern Geometric Blanket.

Tunisian Magic Triangles Afghan by Sandy Walker

But let’s not forget the threadies! We have 2 more squares being added to Gemma R. Owens’ Resplendent Squares series in lovely shades of pinks, purple and green. There’s also an eye-catching table runner by Joyce Geisler, the Aztec Runner. A BIG round, intricate doily, the Amethyst Doily by Olga Shalaeva, is the perfect project for those wishing to advance their threadwork skills! And then for some variety, we bring you 4 lovely, lacy edgings that you can add to any project, sewn or crocheted. Designers Linda Dean, Cherie Bernatt of Crochet Mon Cherie, Monice Mance and Lori Zeller give you lovely designs and information on how to crochet them to anything thing for almost any project you can imagine.

Quartet of Decorative Edgings

Make something for your pooch in this issue as well or read up donating to a locate shelter. And be sure to check out the Learn a Stitch project, where Helen C. Smith has you creating an amazingly creative overlay crochet design.

All this and more with the latest issue! Be sure to get yours as soon as you can so you can get started!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor


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