7 Accessories From The 40’s That You Have To Make

Hello everyone! Tara here—

Since everyone seemed to love the last post about vintage styles from the 1920’s, which you can find here, I thought we should look at some more vintage styles.

Fashion in the 1940’s was split. In the early 1940’s, World War II saw fabrics and many other materials rationed. Clothes were handmade when they could be and were simplistic. Most people wore uniforms so clothes mimicked the uniform’s clean lines and had a casual practicality to them.

In the second half of the 40’s, fashion made a comeback. Shoulder pads were replaced by rounded and softer shoulders, belts accentuated waists, and jackets were tailored. Some women even started wearing high waited pants (though it was rare).

Here are some accessories that were considered must haves in the 1940’s:

# 1: Messenger Bags  

Tan messenger bag
Messenger Bag by Agnes Russell

With women now in the workforce, small clutches were no longer good enough. Women wanted bags that had shoulder straps and could hold all of her necessities while she was out. Most of the bag styles that became popular in the 1940’s are still popular today!

# 2: Shell Bags

Shell Shaped Cross Body Bag
Shell Bag by Susanna Tobias

The shell bag was a favorite design, as were crocheted bags, which would make this one a must-have for any woman in the 1940’s.

# 3: Snoods

Hair Cover Snood
Rose Snood by Maureen Egan Emlet

Hair styles from this time were intricate and time consuming, so women would try to make their styles last as long as they could. One of the best ways to do that was to cover their hair with snoods.

# 4: Short Scarf

Hot Pink Short Scarf
Fun on the Run Scarf by Christy Hagan

Short scarves became a must-have in the 1940’s. Women would either wear them around their necks, or they would wear them over their hair like a wrapped turban.

# 5:  Flowers

Snap On Flower for Hair
Oh Snap! Flowers by Jennifer L. Chapman

Flowers were also incredibly popular in the 40’s. One of the best ways to wear them was in your hair, but wearing a flower as a brooch was just as stylish.

# 6: Berets

White Lacy Beret with Flower
Lovers Knot Beret by Jenny King

Berets were another favorite when it came to covering styled hair. This one does just that and has a fashionable flower on it, which would have made this design a must-have of the time too!

# 7: Tams 

Variegated Tam and Mitts
Favori Tam & Mitts by Gwen Buttke McGannon

Like the beret, tams were one of the top styles of the 40’s. Hats were usually colorful and seen as morale boosting accessories.


What’s your favorite vintage style?

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

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