Trending Colors You Have To Pay Attention To

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Let’s talk about color!

Color choice can make or break a design. It can make a project feel like an heirloom piece that’s been handed down through the generations, or it can make a piece feel new and modern.

In order to make sure your pieces feel current, you need know the color trends of this year:

# 1: Energetic & Mood Boosting

After the difficulty of the past few years, we’re starting to look forward to brighter days and brighter colors in everything, and design is no exception. The more vibrant and joyful the colors are, the better!

Rainbow Chevron Blanket
Crochet in Technicolor by Shila Zachariae of Creative Design

The Crochet in Technicolor blanket is fun and vibrant and the definition of mood-boosting!

# 2: Periwinkle, Lilac, & Lavender

With Periwinkle being listed as one of the biggest colors of the year, it’s no surprise that Lilac and Lavender follow close behind as some of the hottest colors of the year.

Periwinkle Dahlia Cardigan
Dahlia Cardigan by Jennifer Olivarez

The Dahlia Cardigan is made with Berroco’s Remix Light yarn in the shade Periwinkle, which is 100% recycled!

# 3: Blues & Pinks

The blue and pink color combo is one of the favorites for this year and something we’re seeing more and more. Light pinks and navy blues, hot pinks and baby blues, and so many other shade combinations make this trend a fun one to play with!

Fat Cat Stuffed Animal
Fat Cat by Fat Lady Crochet

The Fat Cat is made with a gorgeous combination of blue, hot pink, light pink, and purple, and is balanced with stripes of white and gray.

# 4: Aqua, Teal, & Cobalt

Bright blues are coming in hot! While the usually calming color has always been a favorite, it’s getting a burst of energy this year. The rich, electric shades of cobalt, aqua, and teal were a favorite the runways.

Aqua Vest With Hood
Blossom Hoodie Vest by Margret Wilson

Vests are in style and the Blossom Hoodie Vest is made with the equally hot aqua color.

# 5: Yellow & Lime Green

Representing hope, happiness, and vitality, these almost-neon shades stand out from the crowd. Lion Brand’s color of the year is called “Golden Sunshine”, which is a bright and joyful yellow.

Yellow Green Pink Doily
Serendipty by Gemma R. Owen

Serendipity is a fun, colorful doily that is sure to make everyone that sees it smile with its bright yellow, green, and pink variegated thread.

# 6: Green

Green has been in style for a while now and it’s not going anywhere. The color is grounding, cozy, bold and rich, and the main color of the trending CottageCore style.

Leafy Green Diamond Isle Afghan
Diamond Isle Afghan by Lisa van Klaveren

The Diamond Isle Afghan isn’t just a gorgeous, rich green, but the stunning diamond pattern makes it look like lush leaves.

# 7: Neutrals

Neutrals, like greens, have also been trending for a while. They’re classic and classy and, with more awareness being brought to the negative environmental impact the dyes used in fashion are having, they’re a flattering eco-friendly choice!

Tan Pet Chair Cover
Pet Crochet Chair Cover by Lena Skvagerson for Annie’s Signature Designs

You really can’t go wrong with using neutrals in your projects and the Pet Crochet Chair Cover is proof of that.

What’s your favorite color to crochet with?

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

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