A Peek Inside: Crochet World June 2022

June CW cover
Our cover projects are the Beach Waves Blanket by designer Alessandra Hayden and the Sea Turtle Pillow by Heather Singell

Our June issue went live on newsstands this week. If you haven’t managed to get this issue in your hands, you need to rush out and get a copy today. It is just packed full of super amazing patterns. In the hot months of June, many folks take off for the water as a cool down, and even if you don’t, we wanted to bring that vibe into your home. The Beach Waves Blanket on the cover of the image in its repeating wave pattern design and gorgeous watery summer hues is the perfect project to showcase the theme of this issue. And then we just couldn’t resist the super adorable Sea Turtle Pillow to accompany the blanket on the cover. This little cutie is perfect for dressing up your couch or for cuddling while taking a nap this summer.



waterfront projects

When choosing the projects for this issue, my first thought was I want to bring you variety. So we have mug rugs, a rug, a place mat, a table runner, towels, a pillow, can cozies, a couple of afghans, a stuffie and a couple of games. Not to mention simple color change projects (ie stripes), corner-to-corner crochet and tapestry crochet add even more variety to the mix. Then the goal was that they really needed to feature a waterfront theme. You will find fish appliqués, a sailor (dog), a sand dollar, a sea turtle, waves, starfish, sea gulls, anchors, oars, a sailboat, a life preserver and flip flops! Next, if it couldn’t feature a direct water theme, I wanted it to have those beachy, watery colors. The table runner’s sand color and repeating pattern definitely makes me think of sand on the beach. The shades of blue and tan in the mug rugs, can cozies and flying disk evoke the look of the beach and the water along its shores.

set of 4 thread crochet projects

We carry this color theme into our Just Threads chapter, where I tried to stick with colors that make me think of the outdoors. Gemma R. Owens’ Summer Sunset Doily incorporates all the colors of the setting sun and similar shades are apparent in the next 2 squares of the Resplendent Squares series. While the Pineapple Parfait Doily by Joyce Geisler make me think of, well literally, parfaits and ice cream. And Olga Shalaeva’s Jade Doily reminds me of a soft grassy color I might see while lounging by the fire in my backyard.

a set of easy projects

This issue is also about relaxation and unwinding after a hard day of work. The remaining projects all were chosen with those thoughts in mind.  An organized desk when sitting down to do bills or work on your next crochet project is a must and Debra Arch’s Cuppa Crochet Carryall gives you way to do just that while using one of the gazillion coffee cups you probably having sitting around your house…or is that just me? And then you can make a lovely set for evenings reading: a bookmark, coaster and wine coaster.

trio of blankets

We finish off the issue with lovely blankets and throws designed to create a beautiful relaxing environment or to keep you cozy warm (when someone else in the house is freezing you out) while chilling in the evening. The Cozy Garden Coverlet by Jennifer Olivarez is a definite labor of love that will add beauty and style to your bedroom and is sure to become an heirloom piece you will pass one down for generations. The Daydream Blanket features an eye-catching repeating mosaic pattern creating an extra thick layer of warmth for cool summer evenings. And the Cushy Cable Throw will have you wrapped in soft squishy luxury while hanging out on the porch on late summer nights. Don’t miss Bonnie’s how to video tutorials with this throw as well! They will make stitching this up go super easy for you.

Be sure to grab your copy on newsstands now! Or head here and subscribe so that you never miss an issue!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

4 responses to “A Peek Inside: Crochet World June 2022”

  1. I am trying to get started on the Beach Blanket from the June 2022 issue. I know how to tapestry crochet now (after practice and many videos). I need to know what the pattern means when it says always facing the right side. How do I manage the right side facing and tapestry crochet) Maybe I just can’t see it in my head and when I try it looks wrong? Please help

    • With this pattern the right side or public side or extra pretty side (however you prefer to think about it) will always be facing you as you work the blanket. You will start each row with that public side facing you and a long tail. That tail will become part of the fringe when you are done. You will work across the row in tapestry crochet, meaning you work over the top of the color not in use until you need it again. When you get to the end, you again leave a long tail. This long tail will also be part of the fringe when you are done. Then you start the next row the exact same way.
      The part I forgot to mention is that you start the row with BOTH colors when it is a two color row. Work over the color not in use until it is needed from the start and continue in that manner across. Then cut both at the end and start over again. You could wait and bring in the new color only when you need it but you will need to weave in more ends. You could use bobbins for the color changes but again may have to stretch the yarn back over several stitches to the point you need it again because you don’t turn your work. Experiment on a swatch first to find the method you like best. That little swatch would make a cute coaster when you are done!

  2. I’d like the pattern fir first two blocks in the January issue
    I missed the book on magazine stand in store

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