Series: Resplendent Squares

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I wanted to create a series for Crochet World: A project where a little bit of it appears in each issue of the magazine for a year. We have had a few of these in the past and they are super fun to see each new iteration and to see how folks are creating there own. For this latest series, I wanted it to be a thread design because I know we have a lot of loyal followers that love thread work. It also needed to be versatile. What is more versatile then crochet squares? They can be used for soooo many things. I had a few brainstorming sessions with one of our top thread designers, Gemma R. Owen, and the Resplendent Squares were born.

Resplendent Squares

Endless possibilities!

Starting with the February 2022 issue, two squares and an assembly diagram will be featured in each issue. Each square is worked in a multicolored version and a plain natural version featuring size 10 crochet cotton from Lizbeth. (You can pick out your favorite threads and colors here or here!) When you are all done you will have 24 squares to create something amazing with like the table runner version in the magazine. We wanted each issue to also feature a different assembly diagram so that folks can see the myriad of possibilities these squares provide you. Work one and you have a coaster. Join twelve you have a place mat or pillow front. Join them in two long rows for a long slender table runner. Join them in a cross shape for a gorgeous centerpiece. Sew four together, add a lining and zipper and you have a cute little pouch or purse. Add them as embellishments to a top. Really the possibilities are infinitesimal!

resplendent square collage

Squares 5 & 6

In the upcoming June issue, we feature two lovely squares in beautiful summer shades of peach, blue and yellow. Don’t be afraid to play around with colors and choose options that fit your home decor. Also don’t think this is just for thread. The squares can translate to a heavier weight of yarn. But keep in mind, you will need to play around with hook sizes until you find the one that works best with the yarn you chose. If your hook doesn’t match up quite right, as you work the instructions your square will ruffle or pinch together. So if you decide to go the route of non-thread, just keep in mind you may need to do a bit of tweaking along the way to make things work.

my squares

Two of my squares in Omega Abuela No 6.


I am working mine up in Omega Abuela No 6 cotton yarn. It is a bit heavier than a size 10 thread and easier for my eyes to see the stitches. I am using a C hook so far for most of them. Pictured at the left are two of my natural squares. I haven’t decided exactly how I am going to use my squares. I kind of want to see what you all come up with before I make my final decision. So that we can all see what each other is creating be sure to use the following hashtag on your social media accounts: #resplendentsquares.

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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