7 Pieces You Need To Wear This Spring

Hello everyone! Tara here—

Are you ready for spring?

I know the official first day of spring was March 20th here in the Northern Hemisphere, but we’ve had some cold weather since then and it hasn’t really felt like spring lately.

Things are finally starting to warm up though, so it’s only fitting that your wardrobe should too!

Here are some incredible pieces that you have to have this spring:

# 1: The Samsara Lace Pullover

Open Work Gray Top with different stitches
Samsara Pullover by Lena Skvagerson for Annie’s Signature Designs

You can wear this top with anything: jeans, slacks, or a skirt. You can even wear it over a dress or jumpsuit! The neutral color is flattering and really makes the different stitches pop against any outfit!

#2: The Grab ‘N’ Go Bucket Hat

Blue and White Color blocked Bucket Hat
Grab ‘N’ Go Bucket Hat by The Hat & I

Bucket hats are back! This easy-to-wear accessory has been showing up everywhere, and it’s easy to understand why. This design is perfect for a day at the park or beach!

#3: The Game Day Hoodie

Dark Gray Long Game Day Hoodie
Game Day Hoodie by Lena Skvagerson for Annie’s Signature Designs

With spring comes rain and baseball. This hoodie is perfect to keep handy for cold, rainy days, especially if you spend your days in the stands!

#4: The Willowy Crochet Vest

Dark Gray Open work Vest Topper
Willowy Crochet Vest by Tammy Hildebrand for Annie’s Signature Designs

Vests are one of the top trending styles and are considered a new wardrobe staple. Like this vest, they can add a beautiful light layer to any outfit and are incredible transitional pieces. This Willowy Vest will look just as good over a tank top as it will a turtleneck.

#5: The Coral Sunset Shawl

Lacy Sunset Shawl
Coral Sunset Shawl by Lena Skvagerson for Annie’s Signature Designs

You really can’t go wrong with a shawl, and shawls that have incredible texture and softly-changing colors are always a favorite. Wear this like a regular shawl (like in the photo) or as a scarf, and add a pop of color to any outfit!

#6: The Bias Loop Scarf

Pink Infinity Scarf with Open Work
Bias Loop Scarf by Ana D

I’m am a firm believer that you can never have enough infinity scarves, and this one is a must-have. It’s worked in rows with a stunning patch of openwork stitches, and it’s sewn together once you’ve finished it. Put it on and loop it over your head again for extra warmth!

#7: The Waterfalls Sleeved Ruana

Lilac Lavender Sleeved Ruana
Waterfalls Sleeved Ruana by Andee Graves

Ruanas, like ponchos and capes, are also on the must-have list. They’re so comfortable (often called wearable blankets) and look good over any outfit. This ruana is a gorgeous, trending lilac with small bursts of color scattered throughout and sleeves to help keep your arms warm. It’s one of our favorites!

What are your spring must-haves?

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine


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