Learn a Stitch: Split Single Crochet

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In our last post Crochet! magazine, editor Tara Orchard, shared with you 5 crochet stitches that we just adore. In every issue of Crochet World, we like to feature a stitch for our readers to learn about or focus on in our Learn a Stitch section. We then feature a project that utilizes that stitch so that you can get loads of practice using it. In the April issue of Crochet World‘s we feature the split single crochet and we give you not just one project using it but two!

Close up of Split sc

Here’s a close up of the knit quality a split sc adds to a project.

First let’s learn a bit about it and why you might want to use it. The split single crochet (split sc) mimics the look of knitting and therefore is sometimes called knit stitch. When worked across a large area it can easily be mistaken for stockinette stitch in knitting. So it’s great if you want the smooth seamless look that knitting has but you don’t like to knit or maybe just prefer to crochet. Split single crochet fabric produces a thicker fabric then normal single crochet because you are partially working over the stitches in the previous row. This makes it ideal for sturdy projects, like the basket and tray in the April issue or cold weather accessories.

To make a split sc: Work a round of sc. On the next round, look closely at that sc stitch. You will see a V shape to the body of it. Put your crochet hook through the center of the V portion of the sc.

arrow and lines showing V of st

The green lines who the V shape of a sc and the red arrow shows where your hook needs to enter the stitch.

Then yarn over your hook and pull the loop through the stitch and up to the height of a single crochet. To finish it, yarn over and pull through the loops on your hook. You now have a lovely knit like stitch. Not so great at following the written word? Here is a great video tutorial so you can see it in action.

Now be sure to grab a copy of the April issue of Crochet World so that you can create these two lovely projects by designer Shabnam Mirzaei. Visit Annie’s Craft Store for even more amazing projects featuring this fun stitch!

Puff Stripe Basket

Two-Toned Tray

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—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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