Annie’s Signature Design Collection – Fall 2020

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The new Signature Design Collection is here! Just in time for fall, you’ll find 16 exciting new designs to cozy up your wardrobe for the cooler days ahead.

Lena Skvagerson, Lead Designer for Annie’s Signature Collection shares her inspiration behind the beautiful designs, “A capsule wardrobe is made up of a small collection of useful clothing that you love!

The pieces of clothing in your capsule wardrobe may change each season, but it is always based on the “less is more” theory. Start by paring down your closet to 30-40 pieces and mix and match only these pieces for 3 months. Your capsule collection is made up of new items as well as items you already own and love to wear.

With this in mind, we present 16 crochet patterns that should all be a part of your fall and winter capsule collection.

We’ve chosen colors & designs that pair well with items that most people consider wardrobe essentials –black jeans & leggings, denim jeans, simple black and white tops and a couple different boots!”

The designs in the collection are based on current trends that include wearable garments that you will love for years to come. In keeping the core values and principles of Annie’s Signature Designs intact, these designs provide you with a relaxing and fun crafting experience while making garments that fit your lifestyle.

All patterns are available individually and many include the option of purchasing the yarn used, so you know your results will be just what you expect!

Click here to see the entire fall collection.

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