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You know how excited you get when beginning a new crochet project? The joy of picking up your crochet hook and trying a new stitch or yarn? Recently I learned of a young boy who is all about spreading joy and happiness through crochet. At the age of 11, Jonah Larson has become a crochet ambassador, spreading his love of crochet with a big smile and a big heart.

Touted as a crochet prodigy and master crocheter, Jonah first picked up a crochet hook at the age of 5 when his aunt dropped off a bag of craft supplies that she no longer used. Jonah found a crochet hook and asked his mom what it was. When Jonah informed her that he wanted to learn to crochet, she found a YouTube instructional video for him to watch, as she does not crochet herself. After watching dozens of videos, Jonah taught himself to crochet and made a dishcloth as his first project—perfectly, according to his mom! And, as Jonah will tell you, from that moment on he was hooked!

Jonah went on to make hundreds of hats, dozens of afghans and scores of his signature cowls. It seems any conceivable project that can be crocheted, Jonah has made successfully, at least once! Over time Jonah gained confidence, speed and the ability to look at any pattern or crocheted item and re-create it. As a matter of fact, at age 11, Jonah can crochet through almost 25 skeins of yarn a week, all while attending school and maintaining excellent grades!

These would be amazing accomplishments for anyone, but there is more to this story. Jonah began life as an abandoned infant in Ethiopia before he was adopted by the Larson family. And that may be just the reason for Jonah’s big heart and desire to see others succeed. Jonah donates money from his crochet business, Jonah’s Hands, to help support Roots Ethiopia, a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving schools, educating children and creating jobs. Through his Instagram feed, which his mother manages, Jonah takes orders for his creations and then works on his crochet projects after school.

Jonah clearly loves to crochet, but he also enjoys spreading the joy by teaching others. He has shared the craft of crochet with state politicians, his teachers and classmates, and through numerous local and national TV guest appearances. He even has his own YouTube channel where you can watch tutorials on his latest projects.

With all the social media attention, not just crocheters are taking notice. Jonah recently became a spokesperson for Yarnspirations and is writing a book about his life (so far!), which is slated to be published this summer by KWiL Publishing.

But all the fame and notoriety has not changed Jonah’s generous nature and quick smile. Jonah is not only an ambassador for crochet, but he is keen to share kindness and joy with everyone he meets. True to his life philosophy, the title of his soon-to-be-published book sums it all up: Hello, Crochet Friends! Making Art, Being Mindful, Giving Back: Do What Makes You Happy.

You can learn more about Jonah on his Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube channel by searching for Jonah’s Hands. Look for more about Jonah’s book at and watch for an exclusive pattern designed by Jonah in the December 2019 issue of Crochet World!

Photos of Jonah courtesy of Jennifer Larson.

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