Up Close With the Uncommon Granny Afghan Crochet Pattern

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We have a lot of great patterns in our April issue and I am doing my best to show some extras for as many of them as I can. In the Granny Stripes chapter, we have a colorful afghan that combined stripes and more traditional granny squares into one lovely piece. The Uncommon Granny Afghan was designed by Rebeca Grieco using Premier Yarns Puzzle Cotton. This fun yarn has kind of a marled look and shifts colors all on its own. If you want something a little more refined, we have several worsted yarn available here.


This pattern is pretty straight forward with the creation of the granny squares or motifs. But the joining of them and the addition of the stripes could be a bit confusing for some. The designer was kind enough to send in some photos so I put them together in little video for a nice visual for you.

The designer has you work the stripes in such a lovely and seamless way across the different motifs.

seamless granny stripes


I think this one would also be fun if each block was a solid color and the stripes were solid. You could definitely use your scraps for each section for quite a unique look!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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Have You Seen Crochet! Magazine’s Brand New Summer Issue?

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Hello everyone! Tara here—

Spring is officially here, so it’s time to get started on some summer projects!

The new Summer issue of Crochet! Magazine is about to come out and I can’t wait for you to see the projects inside.

So here’s a sneak peek:

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Summer 2021 issue of Crochet! Magazine

Summer 2023 Issue

With 25 bright and eco-friendly designs to choose from, the Summer 2023 issue has something for every stitcher. If you love your tops to have color, the Summer Striped Tee is a must-have— the alternating stripes of bright blues and purples and pinks, balanced against a beautiful white, is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! Or, if you want to stretch your skills with Tunisian stitches, the Tunisian Scrubbies are quick to stitch and something you’ll reach for again and again. And if your local grocer has stopped giving out bags? The Posy Patch Tote is a bag you need!

The projects in this issue are divided up between three main sections and the usual beginning sections:

The Beginning sections in this issue are all quick to stitch and perfect to have for the summer.

Beginning Sections of Summer 2021 issue of Crochet! Magazine

Beginning Sections

There are Cotton Face Cloths that have a convenient pocket for your to slide your hand into, the beautiful Lavender Lace Vest (which would look incredible over a variety of outfits), the Keychain Wristlet, the Upcyle T-Shirt that pairs with a tutorial to teach you how to take any boring t-shirt and add beautiful crocheted details, and the Arcade Tote, which could be made in any color and used for shopping or for holding your projects.

Go Green is made of four projects that are environmentally friendly—they’re made with natural fibers and recycled yarns and are projects that you’ll use (and wear) again and again!

Go Green Section of Summer 2021 issue of Crochet! Magazine

Go Green Section

Some of our favorites from this section are the Natural Spa Headband, which is soft and squishy and perfect for keeping your hair out of your face. Another piece that we love is the Posy Patch Tote, which is perfect to bring to a farmer’s market or your local shopping center.

Road Trip features six designs that would be perfect to bring along on any road trip.

Road Trip Sectiopn of Summer 2021 issue of Crochet! Magazine

Road Trip Section

The Lizard Bookmark is an absolute favorite of ours! It’s quick to work up, a fun gift and incredibly versatile. Use it as a bookmark, a gift tag, an applique for another project, or even a cute little friend for your desk. We’re also loving the Pack & Go Blanket, which rolls up and gets secured with an easy-to-carry handle and the Lace Stripe Cover-Up, which has is easier to make than it looks and pairs with anything—a dress, jeans, or leggings.

Carnival Days includes four bright and fun designs that scream summer days and nights at the carnival. They’re colorful, full of movement, sure to make you smile.

Carnival Days Section of Summer 2021 issue of Crochet! Magazine

Carnival Days Section

You can’t have a carnival-inspired section without bright colors and stripes. The Zigzag Stripes Poncho is perfect to throw on and give any outfit a bright splash of color, and the Summer Striped Tee is a must-make! Swing Tank was inspired by the swing ride at a carnival, and you’ll love spinning in this one so you can watch the fringe fly.


Let us know what your favorite project is in the comments below!

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

You can buy an electronic copy at the Crochet! Magazine website HERE

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The Infinite Possibilities of the Floating Blocks Centerpiece Crochet Pattern

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In the April issue of Crochet World, we have a very interesting pattern by designer Mary Beth Temple called the Floating Blocks Centerpiece. This table topper is worked in squares with a central block of color and colored stripes and is worked from one corner to the opposite corner. The fun thing about it, besides that super cool pop of color in the center square, is that these squares can be combined in any number of ways to create a truly unique piece.

For the issue, Mary Beth worked up 4 squares and combined them into a simple square shape that has the stripes giving an illusion of an X. But by rotating the blocks you can create a different pattern with the stripes very easily. Here’s  the 4 blocks in a chevron pattern.

Bonus assembly diagram

We also give you an assembly diagram that shows the blocks in a simple long strip if you wanted to create more of a table runner style piece. Rotating the blocks in the strip can also create different effects, like below.

Bonus assembly diagram #2

Then you could go real crazy and make a mess of blocks and create one larger centerpiece or table covering. In the pattern we give you 3 assembly diagrams as to suggestions for how to orient the blocks. But again you can play with it to find different patterns.

Bonus assembly diagrams #3 & #4

What can your imagination come up with? I think I could play around with these squares all day and not get tired of rearranging them!

To help you with creating your one of a kind piece, the Pattern Notes section of the pattern tells you about how much yarn you need to create a square. You can use this information to help you calculate how much yarn you need for your own special creation and an infinite number of squares!


The design uses Omega Eulali, which is a lovely Egyptian cotton yarn that comes in a wide array of colors. This project would look striking in any number of color combinations as well. Pick a color for the center square that really pops if you want the same effect as the one in the magazine.

PS: If you are  a member of Ravelry, we have started back up our Crochet World forum and would love to hear from you and see your creations. Stop by and share your work with us!

—Britt Schmiesing, editor

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It’s National Pi Day: Crochet Yourself Something Sweet!

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Hello everyone! Tara here—

Did you know that it’s National Pi Day?!

Similar to the other National Pie Day, which is usually in January, this holiday is also usually celebrated by eating all kinds of pies.

But, really, this holiday is all about circles.

Why, you ask?

Pi is a mathematical constant that represents a circle’s circumference compared it its diameter and the first three numbers are always 3.14.

I’m not a math person, but I will take any excuse to buy myself a pizza or a coconut cream pie.

Or to make myself a cute crochet project that’s all about circles like the ones listed below.

# 1: Fruit Pies

Amigurumi Fruit Pies

Fruit Pies Designed By Elisa’s Crochet

Since most people celebrate with pie, and spring is coming up quickly, I had to include some fruit pies to start off this list!

# 2: Top-Down Beanies

Top-Down Beanies Crochet Book

Learn to Crochet Top-Down Beanies Book By Rohn Strong

This book includes 8 incredible beanie patterns and is a must-have to help you celebrate circles because, to make a beanie from the top down, you always start with a circle!

# 3: Harbor Lights Circle Jacket

Harbor Lights Circle Jacket

Harbor Lights Circle Jacket Designed By Lena Skvagerson For Annie’s Signature Designs

This project is larger than the others, but seeing how versatile a circle can be when you turn it into a stunning jacket is a must.

Happy Pi Day!


Let us know how YOU celebrate Pi Day in the comment section!

– Tara Orchard, Editor of Crochet! Magazine

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6 Crochet Patterns Perfect for Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

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St Patrick’s day is coming up this month. Not everyone throws a big party or celebration for this holiday but my family usually will. So I thought it would be fun to share some patterns that you could create either for the holiday or that were inspired by the holiday.

Start off the party with these fun mini hats created by designer Kathleen Berlew. They slide onto a simple headband for a quirky party hat. Get the Leprechaun Hats here.


Another fun, challenging little project to try are the Celtic Mug Hugs by Bonnie Barker. I don’t know if in your area you keep having yo-yoing temperature changes or not but here in Indiana we are. In anticipation of needing some warm beverages on the holiday instead of your normal treat, these work up quickly and would make awesome party favors. Get the pattern here.


Maybe you would like to try something different. Jennifer E. Ryan is the queen of Celtic knot designs. These are woven strips of crochet that create beautiful knot designs. Here are a couple of smaller projects with the technique that you might like to try out: the Celtic Knot Towel or the Knot Necklace.


Maybe you are strictly an afghan or blanket person, we have a couple of more intricate designs that you might want to try out. Of course we don’t expect you to finish them by this St Patty’s day but they could be a good cast on party item! Find the Mosaic Celtic Afghan by Margret Willson here and the Hills of Ireland Throw by Bonnie Baker here. Keep in mind Bonnie has loads of videos on her YouTube channel, BonnieBayCrochet, that can help you work through the throw!


—Britt Schmiesing, editor


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