Afghan of the Month - September

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Remember the Kittens

Design by Joan Kokaska

We have had so many requests for the "Kitten" afghan that appeared in an out of print book that we published many years ago we decided to include it here. It is just as charming today as when it was first published.

About 40" x 60" before fringe

  • Worsted weight yarn, 22 oz (1540 yds, 630 gms) white; 6 oz (1120 yds, 458 gms) each, grey and black
  • Size F/5/3.
  • Note: Our photographed afghan was made with Red Heart® Classic™, White #1, Nickel #401, and Black #12.
  • Size H (5mm) crochet hook, or size required for gauge
  • Size 16 tapestry needle

4 dc = 1"
4 shells = 5"

Pattern Stitch
Puff Stitch (puff st): (YO, draw up lp in sp between last shell worked and next shell on 2nd row below) 4 times; YO, draw through 8 lps on hook, YO and draw through 2 rem lps on hook-puff st made.

Note: Afghan is reversible. To change colors, work until 2 lps of last st rem on hook. With new color, YO and draw 2 lps on hook; cut old color.
With black, ch 164 loosely.

  • Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook {beg 3 skipped chs count as a dc} and in next ch, ch 1, 2 dc in next ch; * sk next 3 chs, in next ch work {2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc}-shell made; rep from * 29 times more; sk next 2 chs, dc in next 2 chs-30 shells. Ch 3 {counts as first dc on following rows}, turn.
  • Row 2: CDc in next 2 dc, sk next 2 dc, shell in ch-1 sp of next shell; * sk next 4 dc, shell in ch-1 sp of next shell; rep from * 28 times more; sk next 2 dc, dc in next 2 dc and in 3rd ch of beg 3 skipped chs, changing to white in last dc. Ch 3, turn.
  • Row 3: Dc in next 2 dc; * shell in next shell; puff st {see Pattern Stitch} in sp between last shell worked and next shell on 2nd row below; rep from * 28 times more; shell in next shell; sk next 2 dc, dc in next 2 dc and in 3rd ch of turning ch-3. Ch 3, turn.
  • Row 4: Dc in next 2 dc, shell in each of next 30 shells; sk next 2 dc, dc in next 2 dc and in 3rd ch of turning ch-3. Ch 3, turn.
  • Row 5: Dc in next 2 dc, shell in each of next 30 shells; sk next 2 dc, dc in next 2 dc and in 3rd ch of turning ch-3, changing to grey. Ch 3, turn.
  • Rows 6 through 8: Rep Rows 3 through 5, changing to black at end of Row 8.
  • Rows 9 through 11: Rep Rows 3 through 5, changing to white at end of Row 11.
    Rep Rows 3 through 11 until piece measures about 60", ending by working a Row 10. At end of last row, do not ch 3.
    Finish off and weave in all ends.


Following Fringe instructions, make Single Knot Fringe. Cut 14" strands of white; use 12 strands for each knot. Working across each short end, tie one knot in each sp between shells and in sps at each end. Trim ends even.

Basic instructions

Cut a piece of cardboard half as long as specified in instructions for strands plus 1/2" for trimming allowance. Wind yarn loosely and evenly lengthwise around cardboard. When card is filled, cut yarn across one end. Do this several times, then begin fringing; you can wind additional strands as you need them.

Single Knot Fringe

Hold specified number of strands for one knot of fringe together, then fold in half. Hold afghan with right side facing you. Use crochet hook to draw folded end through space or stitch from right to wrong side (Figs 1 and 2), pull loose ends through folded section (Fig 3) and draw knot up firmly (Fig 4). Space knots as indicated in pattern instructions.

Crochet World

Double Knot Fringe

Begin by working Single Knot Fringe completely across one end of afghan. With right side facing you and working from left to right, take half the strands of one knot and half the strands in the knot next to it, and knot them together (Fig 5).

Crochet World

Triple Knot Fringe

First work Double Knot Fringe. Then working again on the right side from left to right, tie third row of knots as in Fig 6.

Crochet World

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