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Karen writes: "Anne wrote about starting to make Amigurumi animals and dolls, and using American patterns because of having more available. She is British and wondered about the difference between the yarn the pattern calls for and what is available to her. It really doesn't matter [as long as] the stitches are tight so the stuffing can't work its way out [of the object]. Use a smaller hook to make the object if your yarn is smaller. It doesn't have to be the exact same size as the pattern calls for!

"I have made lots of the little toys and have used mainly worsted-weight yarn. One great thing about Amigurumi [is that] they can be any size since they aren't clothing and don't have to fit. So I say to Anne -- just dive in and make these fun little things! My granddaughters are adults now, but I made some for them to save for their future babies. I even made a couple using #3 crochet thread! Those were harder to work with because I had to use quite a small hook, but they are cute!"

Fran writes: "I also enjoy a variety of thread and yarn crochet, as Gemma mentioned. I do find that my friends who have only learned to work with yarn are very intimidated by working with thread. If I were to suggest the best way to learn to crochet, I would say learning with thread gives one the best skill set for the art. I have never had any problem changing to larger threads or yarn after having learned with thread. I think developing the proper tension with thread may be the biggest challenge, and once you have mastered it, then the larger yarns seem to be very easy to work with.

"My grandmother taught me with a steel hook and size 10 crochet thread, and that really got me off to a flying start 54 years ago. I was hooked and still find it very satisfying. I try different techniques and then decide if I actually like them or not. Mind you, I get bored with simple and repetitive things, so the challenge may be what I enjoy as well as the beauty of the finished project."

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