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I was very happy to get this note about my trip to Eastern Europe.

Ilehlia writes: "I really enjoyed the visit to the Balkans via the links to your blog in the July 30 newsletter! Awesome photos, and it looked like you were having the time of your life! I've never been that far east on the Mediterranean, but I've lived in the south of France, and traveled in Italy. It sure brought back memories of that turquoise sea. I'm thrilled to see that all those traditional skills are still alive and well there. Sure wish Europe wasn't so far away!"

Editor's Comments

Yes, Ilehlia, I was having the time of my life! In fact, I am a dedicated "Textile Traveler" and went to Kyrgyzstan this summer, a nation in Central Asia, near China. The people there are traditionally nomads who make round tents -- which they call yurts -- out of felt. The felt is made from wool taken from their own sheep. The inside of the yurt is often decorated with elaborate embroidery. Here is an antique piece of embroidery I bought there, and also a photo of a lovely family I met, living in a yurt. This trip was truly a remarkable experience!

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