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Flexible Stitches & Thread Crochet

Carole writes: "I'm responding to Laura about thread crochet. She got hooked on Irish crochet, and I, too, am hooked on thread crochet and love the patterns in your magazines. Please publish more. I'm looking for a tablecloth pattern for a large table with two leafs added."

Fran shares: "I could relate to Laura, who wrote about learning new stitches correctly. After years of crocheting, since age 14, I figured out that sometimes a stitch is just a stitch. If what you want is an exact replica of the photo with the pattern, it does matter how you do it. However, sometimes you have to be flexible. I was working with a very fluffy yarn and could not see where my hook needed to go to make the stitches. I found that I had to hope I had actually gone through some part of the stitch on the row below so that there wouldn't be holes in the fabric. Because the yarn was so fluffy, no one could tell how the stitch had been made, and the cute vest I made for my granddaughter came out looking great. She loved it and has worn it a lot, which is what it is all about, not the actual beauty of the stitches."

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