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Winfred's Baby Afghan Pattern


Your responses are always informative letters and our readers are so generous with their suggestions and ideas. Thank you to everyone who is included in this issue!

Mary writes: "I fully agree with Winfred, who wrote in the June 18th issue. I have seen little fingers get stuck in baby afghans. I make the same pattern as was mentioned. When the children are a bit older and can choose, I make them a larger afghan for their grown-up beds in the colors they like."

Kathy writes: "The baby afghan pattern you mentioned in the June 18th issue is easy enough, but I would do a half double crochet as that goes a little faster."

Ava writes: "I agree with Winfred. The pattern she suggested is the best for making a blanket that is tight with no holes and soft for babies. I like your pattern of skipping a single crochet and have used it many times. It is just the kind of repetitive pattern I love for sitting in front of the TV. Thanks for sharing your expertise!"

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