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From Our Readers

Patricia writes about how she crocheted with an orange peeler!

"I started to crochet in 1973, after my third daughter was born. I wanted to make her a pinafore. We lived in the mountains of New Mexico, and it got pretty warm sometimes. My church got the yarn, and I used a Tupperware orange peeler for my crochet hook. It was perfect for a G or H hook. I made several items for her. I taught myself. I crocheted sweaters for her, etc. I have six children and 17 grandchildren, spouses for my children, and now one great-granddaughter, and two more due this year (all girls). I crochet for all of them!"

Beryl shares her love of crochet lace and her strategies for coping with hand and arm pain:

"I learned to crochet from my grandmother at the tender age of 6. I used to love sitting with her, making squares that were turned into blankets and passed around to family and friends. I also like to knit, but I suffer from fibromyalgia and get a lot of tendon and muscle pain. I find that I can crochet without too much pain, but my knitting comes only in short blasts because of hand and arm problems. I find I can relax more when I crochet. Now I am trying very fine work that is more like lace. It is great to see something so fine and beautiful coming off your hook. If you sit and relax as I have done this afternoon out in my garden, it is better than any pain killers. The sun shone and the birds sang; what more could you want?"

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